Authenticity of New Republic's 'Baghdad Diarist' Questioned

The Weekly Standard has called into question the veracity of the so-called "Baghdad Diarist," a writer for rival political magazine The New Republic who is said to be an active duty soldier granted anonymity to protect him from being punished by his superiors.

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The writer, who goes by the penname Scott Thomas, has written three pieces for the Washington magazine, but many find faults with the information in his articles.

"Absolutely every piece of information that’s come out since we put that call up has cast further doubt on that story," Weekly Standard Online Editor Michael Goldfarb told the New York Times. "There’s not a single person that has come forward and said, ‘It sounds plausible.'"

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The Weekly Standard has challenged readers with knowledge about the military or Baghdad to comment. Comments submitted by several readers and a spokesman for the base where the soldier purportedly is based have raised some red flags, the editors said.

Franklin Foer, editor of The New Republic, says he has met the mystery writer and knows with "near certainty" that he is a GI.