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Record Breaking Round of Applause

You know what they say about a guy with large hands… he can clap REALLY loud of course! When Zhang Quan of Chongqing city, China claps, it sounds like a helicopter landing. The 70 year-old man’s claps measure just a few decibels below the noise made by helicopter blades. Now that gives a whole a new meaning to a standing ovation!

But according to local environmental protection officials, Zhang’s clapping hands pose a potential threat to the environment. The bureau confirmed to that Zhang could face potential arrest for ‘noise pollution’ if he claps too often.

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Heavenly Hygiene

It’s official! Europe’s highest toilet has been built at the snow-covered top of France’s Mont Blanc. According to, the lofty lavatory sits 4,260 meters above sea level and is a necessary addition to the frequented peak that sees more than 30,000 visitors a year. Local mayor, Jean-Marc Peillex described the dire sight of his town, before the arrival of the well-need W.C., “Our beautiful mountain's white peak was full of yellow and brown spots in summer.”

To prevent any further scenic stains a helicopter will empty the toilets daily at "peak" visiting hours.

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Rattlesnake Rescue Dog

“No one puts baby in a corner,” not even a rattlesnake! One-year-old Booker West was playing in the backyard of his grandparent’s Masonville home when a trespassing rattlesnake spotted the toddler. As the snake lunged for the boy, the family’s fearless five pound Chihuahua, Zoey got between the killer and the kid. Talk about man’s best friend!

The unlikely guard dog took several snake bites in the attack, and although the protective pooch required treatment for the wounds, the baby remained unharmed. According to Fox 31 Colorado, the tot and the tail-wager are both in excellent health.

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