Behind the Scenes With Anna Nicole Smith

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Check out the video blog today... if you read the GretaWire blog often, you know that I take my handy cam with me on our road trips and shoot lots of video (or hand the video camera to someone else to shoot), but then put the tape in a drawer at home since I have been uncertain what to do with the tapes. Well... I have come up with an idea: Posting the tapes here with some narration explaining them, since otherwise the tape will appear random to you. My narration should put some context to the video and gives you a bit of an idea of how we do our jobs.

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Today's video is behind the scenes of our August 2002 interview with Anna Nicole Smith. Wait until you see her! She sure looked different in August 2002. She looks fabulous (unlike later video you have seen in which she seems to me to be very impaired.) In the video posted today, she is on top of the world — you can see that by just looking at her... she has a smile that radiates. Our interview was done at the time her reality series was airing.

In the background of the interview, you can see Howard K. Stern standing there. It is interesting for me to see Howard standing there, since I could not recall whether I had ever met him before the latest round of news about her (the birth of her daughter and then her death.) I see people so often on TV that I sometimes can't remember if I have met the person or merely seen him or her often on TV that I think I have.

I have video of Howard, Anna Nicole and me standing around talking after the interview. The tape refreshes my recollection and now I do remember meeting Howard back in August of 2002. We had a cordial conversation. Now he is avoiding me... or wants nothing to do with me. We have tried to book him on our show but no luck so far. I think he thinks I will ambush him — nothing could be further from the truth. I would like to ask him pointed questions, but I would be polite and he would have ample time to talk. By the way, sometimes my impressions of people and events are changed when I meet the person and hear that person's version of an event. Sometimes more facts or the presentation of facts in a different view, changes everything. I wish Howard would sit down and talk to me. If he thinks our reporting has been wrong or unfair — he has an open door to come tell me.

I am curious what you think about today's posted video — whether you find it the least bit interesting, whether it gives you just a little better idea of how interviews are done, etc. So watch it!

On Friday we aired our interview of John Mark Karr. Here is why I find the interview important: John Mark Karr — apparently — confessed to killing Jon Benet Ramsey. I don't believe he did it, so the confession is bizarre to me. I don't think the DA thinks he committed the murder (or he would be in the slammer pending trial.) I don't think the police think he did it. So why would he confess? Who knows? It is pretty weird... but the point I want to make is this: sometimes people, for whatever bizarre reason, confess to crimes they did not commit. It seems so unlikely to the rest of us that someone would wrongfully confess — but people do that. With the John Mark Karr interview you get to see this phenomenon for yourself.

The lesson is this: If you serve on a jury, don't just accept a confession for a vote of guilt. Demand more evidence, especially in a death penalty case. It doesn't have to be a lot more evidence but something to satisfy you that the confession is a legitimate one. Issues of guilt are very important, and once you make a decision of guilt and a verdict rendered, you can't change it later. Your jury verdict is final... no returns like an item purchased at a store. In making a decision of guilty or not, and if there is a confession, look for corroboration or more evidence linking the accused to the crime. Remember: Strange people will confess to crimes they did not commit and you never want to convict an innocent person, even if that person is odd.

If you live in Los Angeles — or the area — and if you are looking for something to do on July 27, go to the new movie, "Girl 27." It is opening only in Los Angeles on July 27 and if it does well, I assume it will open in other cities. If you see it, e-mail me what you think. I saw it (and when you see it you will understand why) and loved it. I had expected to like it, not love it.

I don't get this: What's with the insulting remark about former Senator Thompson's wife, Jeri, calling her a "trophy wife?" What's with that? I have met her and she is not a trophy wife — assuming trophy wife means simply jewelry for a man and not an intellectual companion. More significantly, after meeting her, I had no urge to turn around and gratuitously insult her. Why do others? And, whether you like her or her husband, or agree with either one of them, why the insult? What's with that? And how about a recent Washington Post article about Senator Clinton's clothes, what's with that? (And worse, a woman wrote it! I would have thought a woman would know better.) Doesn't anyone "get" that most people think you are big jerks when you get personal?

If you don't like the ideas of Senator Clinton, or you don't like the ideas of Senator Thompson or his wife, go after their ideas. Explain why their ideas or solutions are faulty... don't get distracted by going personal or focusing on something silly. E-mailer No. 1 obviously "bit" on The Washington Post article.

Now for the e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

The Clintons never do anything that is not calculated. I suggest that her more-feminine-than-usual outfit was a attempt to counter Mrs. Edward's comment that her husband would be better on female issues than Hillary.
John Krogstad

E-mail No. 2

What's this about someone giving info re: a cocaine overdose? Sorry, I must have missed the show. I have been following the Natalee tragedy in Aruba and I know that Greta usually has all the news re the story. I hope you cover this again and I hope Greta has it also tonight.
I love both you and Greta's shows, but strayed last night to another channel, oops!
So, after the huge reward that was offered for 2 years, what was the reason they finally came forward now. Is there the possibility that they know the complete story of that tragic night?
When my granddaughter graduates next year, if the name Aruba comes up for a trip, I will find every article and story about the horror of Natalie's trip and that tight-mouthed little drug island and how everyone there seems to be afraid to talk.

ANSWER: I have received many e-mails about the "cocaine/Natalee" story. I have no independent corroboration of it. It could be true... but frankly we heard so many stories when we were in Aruba that we could not corroborate that I am not putting much stock in this one. Yes, it is possible this is what happened — I just don't know. Others may have more information than I have. If I get some corroboration you can be assured I will report on it.

E-mail No. 3

Did Barry Bonds ever take steroids? There is no proof that he did, but there is a 99 percent certainty that Barry did take steroids. How else did he bulk-up in his thirties? If he did it without substance assistance, he could sell his training program and make billions. Barry, please share your earlier physical training program so all of us wannabees can full fill our life long physique dreams without using steroid.
Charles Rotthoff

E-mail No. 4

Dear Greta,
I would like to know if you and your excellent panel think, as I do, that it seems to be "OPEN SEASON" on women? And not just in Wisconsin!! It's all over... I've never heard of so many missing and murdered women, and back to back!
Love your show!
Thank you,
Mary Eastman

ANSWER: I don't know if there are more murders of women or whether news organizations are now just reporting the murders more often. I must admit that after reporting on so many murders I do find myself in the spot I never dreamed I would be — i.e. wondering what's wrong with divorce? (And I remember how chilling it was in the courtroom when Sharon Rocha looked over at Scott Peterson and said something similar.) And, yes, of course, not all murdered women are murdered by spouses or ex-spouses.

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