Pop Tarts: Britney Spears Has Her Pants in a Bundle

Britney Spears may be looking a little more trim and terrific these days, but her bottom half seems to be feeling the hunger pangs.

Spears was spotted splashing in Malibu on Wednesday, but her stroke was persistently interrupted by her sliding swimmers.

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“Britney was pulling out lots of wedgies,” confirmed an eyewitness. “But otherwise she looked happy hanging around the beach.”

But it isn’t all play for the pop princess. The Britster shot her first music video in two years entitled “Get Back” in L.A. on Thursday. So be warned: It seems our Spears is “Back in the Zone.”

Next Top Pothead

From the camera to cannabis, Adrianne Curry of "America's Next Top Model" makes no attempt to hide her passion for pot.

“I am PRO-MARIJUANA. I believe it should be 100% legal,” she writes on her official MySpace blog. “I am a winner of 2 HIGH TIMES Stony Awards and I support the Marijuana Policy Project. Marijuana is PROVEN to be less addictive and destructive then ALCOHOL.”

And the reality star has a not-so-subtle message for those who disagree.

“So to all of you who have freaked about this, a big one finger salute to ya!” she writes.

Tara Reid's Breast Imbalance

It looks as though Tara Reid’s bra could do with a little boost.

We’re not sure if she’s going au natural or if it’s surgery gone wrong, but the blonde beauty seems to be having a few problems when it comes to keeping her girls perky and propped up.

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No Pantyless Antics for Victoria Beckham

David and Victoria Beckham may have descended on the Hollywood Hills, but the British babes won’t be contributing to the panty-free party craze made famous by the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears.

The comely couple made an appearance at L.A.’s Little Door restaurant, but as Posh went to climb out of the car her loving husband put his hand between her legs, covering her crotch to stop any problematic paparazzi snaps.

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Now that’s what we call caring …

Is Miss Universe a 'Dumb' Dud?

While most countries would be proud if their contestant won Trump’s tantalizing "Miss Universe" title, apparently the Japanese aren’t impressed with their sash star Riyo Mori.

The 21-year-old dancer was dubbed "arrogant and dumb" by her native press during her recent homecoming.

The Mainichi Daily News reported last week that Mori was confrontational, had her hands on her hips, pointed her microphone at reporters during her press conference and cluelessly claimed the competition was "not a beauty contest."

However, a spokesperson from Miss Universe believes such accusations are "unfounded."

"I’m really surprised because this isn’t in Riyo’s character at all," said the rep. "She was really excited to go back to Japan and thoroughly enjoyed her homecoming."

Paris Hilton Ruins Men's Lives

A one-night stand with party prisoner Paris Hilton can apparently destroy a man and his career.

Some four years ago, Miss Hilton was involved in a romantic romp with Australian "American Idol" finalist Robert "Millsy" Mills but, apparently, all publicity isn’t good publicity.

"It was the biggest mistake he ever made," splurged a source close to the singer. "Years on, he is still teased and taunted everywhere he goes. He can’t go anywhere without it being brought up and nobody takes his music profession seriously."

The flak apparently became so much for the young Aussie that he decided to take a time-out trip through Europe but found himself embroiled in a fight at a German Pub. Why? A patron pushed the Paris button …

Matthew Perry No 'Friend' to Valets

Matthew Perry may still like to party, but it seems he has no "Central Perks" to give to parking attendees.

The actor was seen leaving the opening of new Hollywood hotspot The Green Room Tuesday evening, but failed to give the poor old valet any of his own green in the form of a tip, according to TMZ.

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Gisele Bundchen Is Richest Supermodel

It seems that when you’re tall and talented at strutting down the runway, you can make quite a mound of money.

According to Forbes’ latest list of the richest supermodels, Brazilian-born Gisele Bundchen, who turns 27 on Friday, took the top slot at $33 million per year, while British bella Kate Moss, 33, moved into second place with a sweet $9 million annually.

Those with Victoria’s Secret style have bank accounts as angelic as the wings they wear. Bundchen’s lingerie model mates Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, Karolina Kurkova and Alessandra Ambrosio also made the diamond-encrusted cut of Forbes’ Top 15.

Brangelina Blues: Angelina Threatens to Boot Brad Over Aniston Lunch?

“A Mighty Heart” hottie Angelina Jolie may still have some salient insecurities when it comes to beau, Brad Pitt, and his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston.

An insider revealed to Britain’s Star Magazine that Jolie went "ballistic" after learning that Brad took their 14-month-old daughter, Shiloh, to lunch at Aniston’s Malibu mansion.

“She rarely gets so angry. She was shouting so hard at Brad that the veins were bulging in her neck,” gushed the source. “She told him in no uncertain terms that they were finished if he took Shiloh anywhere near Jennifer again.”

Pitt had reportedly invited Jolie to join him for the lunch, but she declined, according to the mag.

Tara Reid Flaunts Bad Bikini Belly on Beach

“American Pie” princess Tara Reid enjoyed her own slice of summer sun in Malibu on Monday, parading her somewhat strange, surgery-botched belly.

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But despite the disfigurement, the starlet seems more than happy to flash her flesh and a dazzling smile.

“She was waving, playing football and strutting around happily,” said a witness. “She was fully soaking up the attention.”

Jessica Simpson Boosts Her Butt

When it comes to being bootyful, Jessica Simpson knows just how to make a splash.

The pop princess/designer debuted her hot new swimwear line over the weekend at Miami Fashion Week, featuring both barely there bikinis and fuller-figured one-pieces.

But despite the cuts and colors of all her creations, Jess had one goal in mind: boosting the butt.

“I’ve always done a certain thing with the string bikini … I take a safety pin and do a ruching on the butt,” she revealed to "Extra."

“'Cause I don’t really have a, like I want more of a butt! We actually put that into the line for the
girls who want more butt!”

Paris Flashes Flesh for 'Bra' Boy

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton seems to be enjoying her freedom just a little too much since being sent home from the slammer just weeks ago.

The smiling socialite was spotted meandering in the waters of Malibu and posing for
a pic when she suffered a slight nipple slip.

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The mysterious man snapping the star is Australian pro-surfer and head of the “Bra Boys” surf gang, Koby Abberton.

The two first met on New Year's Day when they judged a bikini contest together Down Under — but apparently it's all about recreation rather than romance.

Abberton’s girlfriend, actress Tahyna Tozzi, was also on sandy standby for the afternoon to ensure the perennial party princess didn’t pull any moves.

Beckham Reality Show a Fat Failure?

NBC’s “Victoria Beckham: Coming to America” was initially supposed to be a reality show, however, much like the Tinseltown tiny herself, the show was slimmed down to a one-hour special with size-zero reviews.

The New York Post called the program an “orgy of self-indulgence," the New York Times dubbed it “oddly unsensual” while SouthCoastToday claims that the comely couple appear “underfed” and “decidedly unhappy."

But Beckham isn’t letting the bad reviews bother her.

“I don’t take myself too seriously. I enjoy sending myself up. I’m very aware of people’s preconceptions because of the pictures they see and the stories they read,” she recently revealed to Parade magazine. “So I’m just hoping people do get it and don’t truly think that I do sunbathe in high heels and a bikini and a full face of makeup.”

Hayek a Hottie: Salma Is Screen’s Sexiest, Poll Says

It seems Tinseltown teens and tiny stars are, like, so last-season when it comes to sexy.

And a few extra years don't hurt, either. According to a survey from polling firm E-Poll Market Research, the average age of Hollywood's 15 hottest celebrities is 36, with booty definitely preferable to bony.

Salma Hayek, 40, took the top spot, beating out Beyoncé, Halle Berry, Elizabeth Hurley, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and Pamela Anderson.

According to the polling firm, which provides appeal rankings for more than 3,000 celebrities, 65 percent of the U.S. population would use the term “sexy” to describe Hayek.

Other fabulous 40-somethings made the list. Halle Berry and Pamela Anderson, both 40, were ranked fifth and 14th, respectively. Hurley, 42, tied for the ninth slot on the list.

Only three gals in their 20s made the cut: 26-year-old Jessica Alba, who tied for second; Beyoncé Knowles, 25, who tied for fifth; and Jessica Biel, 25, who tied for ninth.

And for the final proof that age is just a number: Coming in at No. 9, tied with Biel, is Raquel Welch, 66.

When it comes to males, muscle-man Matthew McConaughey made the top cut.

Spears Still Solo

Britney Spears is still swinging single despite Hollywood hearsay that she's dating her "manny" Daimon Shippen.

"He's her bodyguard and manny," a source told People magazine. "They're not dating. He really wants to focus on his job: taking care of the kids and of her.

Would You Wear Paris' Pants?

Parties, prison and perfume obviously aren't enough for Paris Hilton, as the hotel heiress is reportedly heading into the pants profession.

Hilton flew to San Francisco last week to the discuss launching her new denim line with Macy's, TMZ.com reported.

The "Parisian" fashion line reportedly got the thumbs up, so get set to cover your bottom with the “Simple Life” starlet's name.

When Meg Met Matthew

The latest romance rumor running rampant through the Hollywood Hills is that Meg Ryan and Matthew Perry are more than mere “Friends."

According to Us Weekly, the comely couple has been dabbling in the dating game for five months already, with an inside source splurging that “they love being together and are having fun."

Lindsay Lohan: From 'Mean' to Machiavelli

It seems Lindsay Lohan is up for compromising her morals to seek personal gain. Literally.

The “Mean Girl” has confessed to the British magazine Tatler that she turns to the writings of Machiavelli and thrives on his philosophies of engaging in evil acts in order to achieve the greater good.

“I was going out with someone and they said I should read Machiavelli and I was like, 'nah,' and then I was, 'OK, I'll read it' and now it is always with me," Lohan told the mag.

Jessica Simpson’s Breasts Aren’t Bogus

She may not be a natural-born blonde, but “Blonde Ambition” babe Jessica Simpson swears her bountiful bust isn't bogus.

"Maybe after having kids, if my boobs dropped down to my bellybutton, I would get them lifted," Simpson told her fashion designer friend Michael Kors for the August edition of Harper’s Bazaar. "But you know, my boobs are real."

And when it comes to style, the senior Simpson sister seems to be steering from pop princess to country crooner.

"I've been wanting to do a country record because it's just my roots; it's my soul,” she said. “I aspire to be like Patsy Cline."

How Did Michael Douglas Seduce Catherine Zeta-Jones?

When it comes to older guys getting girlfriends who are young and beautiful, it seems the secret recipe involves being flirty and forward. Well, at least that worked for Hollywood veteran Michael Douglas when snagging Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Zeta-Jones revealed to Parade magazine that the “Fatal Attraction” star came straight out with: “I want to father your children” when the two met nine years ago.

“Months later, we were dating, and I was already in love with him,” Zeta-Jones said.

But there was just one little thing the Hollywood hottie had to clear up before they became happily hitched.

“I turned to him and said, ‘Do you really want children?’ And I thought, for that one minute, he was going to say, ‘I already have a son, Cameron,’ and I would have to say goodbye,” she confessed. “I remember saying defiantly, ‘I cannot live without having children.’ And he went, ‘Me too.’”

But despite their merry marriage, the dramatic duo is far from immune to a few fights — although they both work to keep bellowing at bay.

“We disagree, yeah, but we never shout. No, never. I did the screaming thing before — it doesn’t work,” Catherine admitted to the mag. “I’ve realized that you can actually say what you need to say. People can tell from my tone of voice. And my kids know when I raise my finger or do ‘the eyes’ that I mean it. I don’t put up with much.”

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