11-Year-Old Gives STD to Two Preschool Girls

An 11-year-old boy forced two preschool-aged girls to have sex with him, infected them with sexually transmitted diseases, but will not be prosecuted by Western Australian authorities, according to a report on News.com.au.

Police Sunday confirmed that criminal charges would not be brought against the boy from Balgo, a troubled indigenous community in the northeastern reaches of the Great Sandy Desert about 62 miles from the Northern Territory border. The boy is above the age of criminal responsibility under state law.

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Although the incident is part of a continuing investigation, senior police have decided to treat the issue as a health matter, not a criminal one.

News.com.au quoted The Australian newspaper as saying the offender was never removed from the remote community, but was warned by a court not to go near his victims, believed to be aged 5 and 6, and several other vulnerable youngsters.

Balgo's Palyalatju Maparnpa Health Committee chief executive Christopher Cresp said the realities of outback life and the disjointed inter-agency response to such issues meant the boy could remain a danger to young girls in the area.