Hot Dog Vendor Accused of Parking Meter Fraud

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Drawn and Quartered

A D.C. hot dog vendor has been arrested on allegations of parking meter fraud.

According to Fox 5 Washington D.C., local employees paid the vendor to feed the meter every few hours in order to avoid ticketing while they were at work. However, he wasn’t actually paying! Investigators say that the man attached a string to a single quarter; he then inserted and removed it from the meter once the money had registered. The vendor then reused that same quarter in following meters!

Police became suspicious when parking revenues for the area plummeted. They arrested the parking meter puppeteer after a surveillance operation caught him in the act.

The man’s hot dog stand has since been seized as evidence.

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Shoplifting Seagull

According to London’s Daily Mail, a store in Aberdeen’s Castlegate has a clever celebrity crook.

Each day the stealthy seagull waits for the shop door to open, at which point he strolls inside to lift a bag of Chili Heatwave Doritos from the shelf. Other seagull and pigeon co-conspirators wait outside for him to return. Then the entourage helps pry the bag open and shares in the loot!

The beloved bandit is so popular that regular customers have begun paying for his lunch!

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Secondhand Surprise!

While shopping in a secondhand store in Salt Lake City, Utah this past January, a man discovered eight books filled with Mormon writings and sermons, penned by elders of the highly secretive polygamous Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

According to Fox 26 Houston, the texts are curiously stamped with a property tag from the Purgatory Correctional Facility; the jail where FLDS church president Warren Jeffs currently awaits trial! The members of the breakaway Mormon group refrain from most interaction with outsiders, so finding these writings in public is very unlikely. The collection is said to be worth much more than the $40 thrift store price tag.

Collector and seller, Tom Kimball captured the sheer monumentality of the discovery explaining, “It’s every Mormon book nerd’s fantasy.”

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