Friday Finals: Week's Winners and Losers

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It's the Friday Finals, the week's winners and losers, and the reasons why. First the winners.

J.K. Rowling. She's the "Harry Potter" author worth a billion dollars, and she's going to sell millions of books this weekend. Go "Potter" go.

Everybody with a 401(k) plan. The market is helping you out this week. Dow wow at 14,000. Keep putting money in that pre-tax account.

Obama was a winner because he picked up Oprah's endorsement. That just about closes the deal. My understanding is that Oprah gets what she wants, and if she wants him to be president…

And the FOX Business network is our last big winner. The announcement came this week that the network will launch October 15. Congratulations to Cavuto.

Now the losers for this week.

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is first on my list. Dude, what's with killing the dogs? This has everyone grossed out. Dogs ripping each others faces off is not good if the charges are true.

The New York Times was a big loser because they broke the embargo on "Harry Potter." Don't they understand that the "Potter" author can buy The New York Times?

Harry Reid came off an enormous big loser. Oh my god, did you see those senators staying up all night in that incredibly boring stunt? Reid thought that was how to end the war?

And the last big loser is Congressman Keith Ellison. First he said Bush was Hitler, by implication. Then he said oops, that was a mistake. In politics, comparing anyone to Hitler but Hitler is jumping the shark.

And those are the week's big winners and big losers.

That's My Word.

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