Ninety-Year-Old Man Charged With Indecent Exposure in Mount Airy Forest

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High Horse

Jenson Diplomat Tina is a three-year-old English Shire horse headed for the top. According to the Associated Press, Tina currently measures 81 inches to the withers, the top of the horse’s shoulder, surpassing the current Guinness World Record and Tina is still growing! Still a teenager in horse years, Tina could reach 21 hands, or 84 inches at the withers! Currently, the tallest living horse on record is Belgian draft horse Radar, measuring 19 hands, 79.5 inches, and makes regular personal appearances across the country. Tina will be measured this month at a public event held at her owner’s bed and breakfast in Niota, Tennessee. The refreshment proceeds from the event will go towards the Tina Carrot Fund… She eats close to 5 pounds of carrots a week! Let’s hope Tina’s newfound celebrity can fund her mammoth appetite!


Ninety-year-old Leonard Dickman was arrested Tuesday afternoon at a park in Mount Airy Forest and charged with indecent exposure. Fox 19 Cincinnati reports that Dickman was arrested while raising the leg of his shorts, exposing his private parts. Dickman pled guilty to public indecency on Wednesday, receiving six months of probation. Dickman is officially barred from all parks in Hamilton County.

Intentional or Ironic?

A man with a visible needle in his arm crashed his car into a drug treatment center in Clifton Heights yesterday afternoon. According to WLWT Cincinnati, the otherwise unidentified man was found unconscious from a drug overdose when police arrived. Once he regained consciousness, booster-boy was arrested and treated at a hospital for unnamed injuries.

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