Mike Tyson on Tape

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By the time you read this, I am en route to New York City from D.C. I have not totally decided which mode — air or rail — but will decide as soon as I finish writing this. There are pros and cons to both when you are shuttling to NYC or D.C. — lately I lean towards rail, so rail is the most likely mode today. Flying out of NYC and D.C. is not without hassles. I hate hearing from the pilot over the loud speaker: “We have an on time departure” (meaning we have pushed away from the jet way at the appointed time) and “We are now number 53 for take off” (meaning we will have more than an hour at the end of the runway awaiting our turn to take off.) Go figure — this is technically an "on time departure."

I have posted some video today that Mike Tyson fans might find interesting. This tape (SOT) is short, but you have never seen it. I have accumulated so much handy cam video over the years and I have never known what to do with it. As you might have guessed, my handy cam video is amateurish and behind the scenes video — 99 percent of my handy cam video has never made air. My handy cam tapes instead end up in a drawer at home when I get home and unpack… the tapes end up with a pile of other videos that have never made air. I decided to go through the drawer yesterday and see if there is anything you might like. I pulled out the Tyson tape, edited out a soundbite and posted it today. I know the sound is lousy on this Tyson soundbite, but if you listen with headphones you can hear Tyson. As an aside — and for future reference — the camera I have today is much better than the one I had during the Tyson interview, so audio is generally improving. If I have time today I will go through more of the Tyson tape and pull some more sound bites (and maybe some with good sound).

Click here to watch my Tyson tapewarning: graphic language

What else is in my tape drawer? A lot! I found a tape that was labeled Anna Nicole Smith. I wondered what was on it so I popped it in my camera to look at it. It is behind the scenes of an interview I did with Anna Nicole in August of 2001. In the tape she looks fabulous and she is laughing and full of life. Howard K. Stern is also on the tape and there is one part where the three of us are talking and laughing — time sure has changed, hasn’t it? In any event, I am going to have the Anna Nicole tape fed to NYC and let my staff review it to see if there is anything on the tape worth posting on this blog. It is too long for me to go through (45 minutes of tape?) and I am in a rush.

OK, now that you have sat back and read about my efforts to shoot video and post the video on gretawire.com, it is your turn to get to work. Yes, your turn to send me video which I may play on our show (if it is clean and relevant. OK, maybe it does not have to be relevant — but clean, yes.) Here is the plan: Send me a 30 seconds or less question you want to pose to our legal panel. E-mail it to: ontherecord@ureport.foxnews.com. And don’t tell me you don’t have time to do this — it is less than 30 seconds! Do it today since I want to do this tonight on the show (assuming I can talk my senior producer into it. I think I can — she acts tough but she is a pushover.)

By the way, last night in the FOX make up room we were sharing "favorite" insults we have received. My favorite is the guy who came up to me in the Baltimore airport a few months ago and said, "I don't mean to insult you, but you look just like that woman on FOX."

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Hi Greta,
I did not excel in academics but I do sometimes recognize when the English language is being fractured. These phrases you speak of are irritating. Other misuses of the English language that bothers me are dangling participles and the use of "is" when it should be "are."
By the way, I use to receive "Gretawire" automatically in my inbox. It stopped for some reason. I have re-registered many times but still cannot receive it in my inbox. I registered with a new e-mail provider with the intent of using it exclusively to receive "Gretawire" and re-registered it with FOX but to no avail. I enjoy your show and the viewers' e-mails.
See below for an example of dangling participle and how it can change the meaning of a sentence. This is from my online dictionary.
Dangling participle or hanging participle or unattached participle:
Walking back home yesterday, a tree nearly fell on my head. If strict logic is applied to that sentence, it should mean that the tree was walking back home.

E-mail No. 2

M&Ms are kosher as is the entire Hershey line (in America). On the back after ingredients there is a circle around a "u." Actually it is OU (go to OU.org), OU (O as in Orthodox) rabbis certified it kosher. They started in 1923 with Heinz, who thought kosher tied to their high quality standards. But even rabbis will tell you to eat the right foods, eventually your body will thank you.
Have a great show,
Allen Erdheim

E-mail No. 3

Hi Greta,
I have to agree with you, re: Howard K. Stern... I cannot fathom how a guy who's supposed to be a lawyer can "cry poor" and still be living with (and sponging off of) his parents at his age! He was too used to sponging off of Anna Nicole, I guess. It's a shame.
Howard, get a job!! Sheesh.
Re: Politics — it's a simple choice for me. I'll vote for Fred Thompson. I just wish he'd announce his plans, already! If not Fred, I don't know who I'll vote for...
Re: your M&M dilemma — get the dark chocolate ones...at least they're supposed to be good for you! ;-) (They taste quite good, by the way.)
Diane K.
Altoona, PA

E-mail No. 4

Choosing plain M&Ms is not pathetic, it was a wise choice of between meal snacks.
Too bad about the people in Wyoming. I always wonder what goes on in a person's mind that would drive them to kill someone and then take their own life. It sounds bad to say this but at least he did not endanger any law enforcement people.
All the best
Jeff Boyd

E-mail No. 5

Dear Greta,
I also think the same way, it is pathetic... but, if you think about it, the peanut M&M's would be the "healthier" choice... if picking a candy can be healthy. LOL You get the peanuts that are a protein, and we all need that protein.
Happy M&M picking in the future!
Woodstock, IL

E-mail No. 6

Hi Greta,
You are 100 % correct when you describe Howard K. Stern as pathetic. I agree with you totally that he should be contributing to society, and I do not mean by writing a book about that woman who died. His presence on earth is a waste of resources.
Rosie O'Donnell and Paris Hilton are equally pathetic. If the news media would quite giving them a platform they too, would disappear from the airwaves and leave room for real news and information. The most disgusting thing I have seen in a long time is Rosie's child with a bullet belt around her in the picture. That is child abuse in the sense that that little girl is going to be teased and harassed by other kids when she gets a little older. She has no control over her life at this age, but she will pay the price later.
Keep us the great shows.
Edi Walters, Medicine Hat, AB and Topaz

E-mail No. 7

Hi Greta,
Rosie's mug is on an ad for newsmax.com and it appears as I open your blog — no biggie — gets one's attention.
It is pretty funny to see Howard K. Stern singling you out as an object of hate for telling the truth when E Entertainment seems to be the only show that has said anything nice about him. Has he read any of the comments on TMZ? Actually, you handled his situation objectively when I watched your show.
As for Sen. Vitter, he is pretty lucky to have Mrs. Vitter. I do not feel any differently about him than about Bill Clinton except Mrs. Vitter seems more human than old Hillary. I bet Clinton dumps Hillary as soon as her political dreams are fulfilled (if they are). I know it is not for me to judge peoples' personal lives and I don't really care much, but doesn't it show something of the person's character and shouldn't politicians be held to a higher standard?
Maureen Dowling

E-mail No. 8

Newt in '08.
The Martin Family

E-mail No. 9

So, you picked the M&M's without the peanuts. Well, dark chocolate is good for you, but the peanuts could help your heart. Next time, choose the M&M's WITH peanuts. I'm health-conscious, too.
Jan Queen

E-mail No. 10

I am thinking... did she leave her car unlocked? I am a woman, and when I go out at night I ALWAYS check in the rear floor of my car when the light goes on as I open my door... has anyone thought of this?! I pray they find her in good health.
Teresa Grocki (like Rocky)
Saratoga Springs, NY

E-mail No. 11

Marbury is awesome! Somebody get him his own show!
Dallas, TX

E-mail No. 12

You are quite the basketball star Greta

ANSWER: It just goes to show… yes, there is such a thing as luck.

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