Former Albuquerque Teacher Accused of Using Camera to Shoot Up Girls' Skirts

A former Albuquerque Public School teacher is charged with four counts of felony voyeurism after being accused of using a video camera to shoot up the skirts of young girls at an amusement park.

Christopher Lucero, 24, was arrested about 7 p.m. Monday at his home in northwest Albuquerque after allegedly stalking and taking pictures of girls over the weekend at Cliff's Amusement Park.

Under the state's voyeurism law, it's illegal to take pictures up a skirt showing a person's undergarments. Lucero is charged with a fourth-degree felony because the case involves a child.

Police spokesman John Walsh said Lucero had a camera attached to his shoe with a wire running up his pants leg to a recorder in his pocket.

Police reviewed the camera footage and found what they described as inappropriate pictures of four young girls.

Lucero taught last year at Lavaland Elementary School. School district spokesman Rigo Chavez said he was a short-term hire and would not be considered for a new contract.