Report: Britney Spears and Mom Slap Each Other During Fight

Tensions between Britney Spears and her mother, Lynne, have flared so much that they slapped each other during one ugly fight in mid-June, Star magazine revealed in its current issue.

During the weekend of June 15, Lynne Spears went to her troubled daughter's home and "insisted on taking the kids out to spend some private time with them," the gossip magazine quoted a source as saying. "She didn't ask or suggest, she demanded! Then she began denigrating Britney's mothering skills and losing her temper at the same time!"

The incident "left Lynne shaken and Britney more determined than ever to cut her mother out of her life for good,” Star reported.

It was that "slapfest" that led the fallen pop star to serve legal papers against her mother to keep her away from her two young sons, according to the magazine. Lynne Spears is rumored to be considering a countersuit.

In addition to the fallout with her mother, Britney also has parted ways with her manager and her publicist in recent days, taking on both responsibilities herself, The New York Post's Page Six reported.