Man Returns From Belize Trip With Fly Larvae in His Head

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A Colorado man came home from a trip to Central America with an unintended and unwanted souvenir: fly larvae in his head. Aaron Dallas returned from a trip to Belize with bleeding bumps on his scalp, and doctors told him they could be shingles or gnat bites. When the bumps began moving, a doctor decided to investigate further. What he found shocked him and his patient: five active bot fly larvae living beneath the skin on Dallas' head. Fortunately for Dallas, he has a loyal partner in his wife, who told him, “I will love you through your maggots." Click here to learn more about this story.

If you’re looking for some good, greasy fried chicken, I can tell you where not to go: Indonesia! Demand for oil meant for cooking is increasing around the world, thanks to its alternative use as a biofuel, which has left palm oil prices at a record high in Indonesia. The shortage of oil for use by Indonesian consumers is no laughing matter, though – local cooking oil prices are up about 30 percent, which doesn’t bode well for the country’s population – half of whom live on less than $2/day. The government has urged vendors to sell oil to locals at lower prices, but for now it seems Indonesia will continue to fight the same issue facing many Americans: high oil prices. Click here to learn more about this story.

Here’s one flower you don’t want to smell like – an orchid whose scent resembles that of “sweaty feet.” Botanist Alison Colwell found the foul-smelling flower in Yosemite National Park thanks to its stench, which the orchid releases to attract pollinators. The bog-orchid, whose smell Colwell describes as “a horse corral on a hot afternoon,” is now a distinct species, scientists announced on Monday. Unsurprisingly, the species isn’t likely to have any commercial value, according to the Associated Press. Click here to learn more about this story.

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