Why Do Some Democrats Seem Conflicted Over Fighting Al Qaeda?

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The National Intelligence Estimate about the continuing threat from Al Qaeda names two sources of new Al Qaeda agents who are trying to get into the United States.

One is Iraq. Al Qaeda in Iraq, an affiliate of the big mama Al Qaeda, is obviously in Iraq and is recruiting new members. As a side note, over half the suicide bombers and Al Qaeda fighters in Iraq come from Saudi Arabia, the same place that gave us the 9/11 hijackers, despite Democrat objections that we are not presently fighting the 9/11 Al Qaeda.

The other source of new Al Qaeda efforts against us is the tribal area of western Pakistan.

Democrat Jane Harman said today's report paints a "disturbing picture: a regenerated Al Qaeda, with a safe haven in Pakistani tribal areas, which is intensifying efforts to put operatives in the US. I agree with this assessment."

Democrats argue that we are creating more terrorists in Iraq than we would be facing had we not invaded Iraq. We'll argue that another time. But what about terrorists coming from Pakistan?

Democrat presidential hopeful Barack Obama said: "…Al Qaeda maintains a safe haven, an intact leadership, and the capability to plan further attacks. It is time to act to correct those mistakes, and the first step is to get out of Iraq, because you can't win a war when you're on the wrong battlefield."

Wrong battlefield? Is Obama suggesting we should be fighting inside Pakistan, that we should invade our biggest ally in the War on Terror?

Obama wasn't the only one. Democrat Silvestre Reyes of Texas said: "The administration's ill-fated misadventure in Iraq has diverted needed resources from eliminating the threat from Al Qaeda." He also seems to be saying we should be fighting Al Qaeda where they are in Pakistan, but not where they are in Iraq.

Pardon me for being confused. These Democrats want to fight Al Qaeda in one place but not another? Why Pakistan and not Iraq?

By the way, Fran Townsend, the White House homeland security adviser said: "Pakistan's efforts to deal with its own complicated Islamic extremist problems have created a dangerous situation for the United States." Townsend also pointed out that the problem is just as bad for Pakistan and she believes that President Pervez Musharraf understands that.

Maybe Musharraf understands the complications, but I'm not sure the Democrats who spoke out today in fact do.

That's My Word.

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