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Hi FOX Fans! In this new feature, I'll give you a peek at wacky things that sometimes happen behind-the-scenes in the "FOX & Friends'' greenroom.

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Friday, July 6

I wasn't able to spend much time the greenroom today because I was on-set filling in for Gretchen. So, I temporarily deputized Maureen (fellow Jersey girl/make-up artist extraordinaire) and Jeisohn (famed hair stylist) to record all the behind-the-scenes action. Here's what they tell me:

Brian Welch has a lot of tattoos. (Actually, I could see that for myself). The former lead guitarist of the heavy-metal band Korn is covered head-to-toe in them. Believe it or not, he got most of them after quitting the band, quitting drugs and finding God. Brian told Maureen that his favorite one is a picture of his daughter Jennea on his left arm. It took three months to get all of the ink done on that tat ... but he says that wasn't even the most PAINFUL one. That would be the flames on the top of his hands. On his fingers, he's put a new spin on the clichéd "love" and "hate." His say, "love" and "Jesus."

Former American Idol finalist Bucky Covington lost his shirt in Vegas ... literally. To be clear, he lost all his clothes — and so did his band. They claim the airlines lost their suitcases in the chaos of a 10-hour flight delay caused by the crazy weather. (I suspect a rookie mistake at the blackjack table). So rather than go on the air buck naked, Bucky went out last night and bought five "I LOVE New York" T-shirts for 10 bucks at a corner store. But Bucky wasn't cranky about the clothing set-back. He was a real sweetheart, as was his identical twin brother (and all the guys in the band). It seems the phrase, "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" really applies to the band's luggage.

Wednesday, July 4

Actor Gabe Kaplan seemed a bit amused by all the activity in the greenroom this morning. Maybe it was hard to concentrate between my asking for help with this confounding new digital camera (see photos as evidence of incompetence), or Steve sneaking onto Rich Lowry's laptop when Rich wasn't looking, to loudly play some iTunes (It's My Life, No Doubt).

And, did Gabe really need to overhear Toba reminding Rich about his first day at "FOX & Friends" years ago when Rich (suit-wearing politico) got roped into dancing a can-can with the Rockettes? Probably not. But Gabe was very gracious, particularly as we all recounted our incredibly dull memories of watching "Welcome Back Kotter." Here's one such exchange:

Me: "Wow, Gabe Kaplan! I loved 'Welcome Back Kotter.'"
Gabe: (nods politely)
Me: "I remember watching it as a kid, then I'd call my friends on the phone and we'd talk about it."
Gabe: "That's nice."
Me: "And isn't it funny that John Travolta got his start on that show!"
Gabe: "Yeah, it sure is."

I could go on (and I did) but I'll spare you the tedium that Gabe endured until he was rescued by Steve and led out to the set.

Big Foot. Big Boots.

Griff Jenkins, from FOX Radio, came in to tell us about his search for Sasquatch. Backstage, Gretchen was disappointed that he hadn't donned a pair of his signature silly pants for his studio appearance. So, Steve suggested some silly shoes for the Big Foot search and Jeisohn (stylist/fashionista) stepped up and offered his distressed leather boots that were two sizes too big for Griff. No matter. On they went. And Griff wonders why the tour guide on the Big Foot Expedition questioned whether the segment on Sasquatch would be "serious journalism." I smell Pultizer. Or maybe it's just Jeisohn's boots.

Click here to see today's Greenroom Snapshots!

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