Police Find Truck Belonging to Sniper in Bar-Shooting Case

Police on Tuesday found the black Dodge pickup truck of a sniper suspected in the fatal shooting of his wife as she sang on stage in a Wyoming restaurant.

Authorities found the vehicle in Roger's Canyon near Laramie after a tip from a caller, who also claimed to have spotted David Munis, 36, about 45 miles west of where his wife, Robin Munis, was shot dead as she sang with her band at the Old Chicago restaurant.

"He is our sole suspect right now," Cheyenne Police Capt. Jeff Schulz told FOX News. “It’s gonna be a slow, methodical, tactical search.”

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Schulz said police had not yet searched the vehicle, which had National Guard license plates, but sources told FOX News that investigators had found an empty handgun case and that two canteens were missing from the truck.

"We’re presuming he’s got handguns, at least one,” Schulz said, referring to the firearm missing from the truck. "He’s in a wooded canyon, a very remote area."

A Blackhawk helicopter was aiding the ground search for David Munis, who was believed to be on foot.

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Lead singer Ty Warner was standing next to Robin Munis as a bullet shattered the eatery's glass door and struck her in the head as she sang Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar" on stage Saturday.

“I heard a pop … and there was a puff of smoke," said the Ty and the Twisters bandmate, adding that he thought a spilled drink on the electrical equipment had caused the smoke before realizing Robin Munis had been shot.

Warner said Munis, 40, who recently had moved out of her home with her four children during the estrangement process, continued to balance her responsibilities to her family and job as a policy analyst and to the band.

"She was a consummate professional," he said.

Police said that after searching his home, they assumed David Munis had at least one high-powered rifle with him. Schulz has said the search also turned up evidence connecting Munis to the shooting, though he did not elaborate.

He did say, however, that Munis had not touched his bank account or used his cell phone since the shooting.

Munis has been a member of the Wyoming Army National Guard since 2003, previously in the U.S. Army and was a 2001 graduate of the Army Sniper School at Ft. Benning, Ga., according to the National Guard.

"Apprehending a man with that kind of sniper skill and the weaponry he has available to him is an extremely dangerous type of proposition," Schulz said Monday.

Police said Monday they were securing an arrest warrant David Munis charging him with homicide.

Schulz said investigators were speaking to David Munis' relatives in Montana and a friend at an Army base in Kentucky with whom he had been in contact. Authorities didn't specify which base, but the Munises had lived within a few miles of Fort Campbell, Ky.

Neighbors Laura and Eddie Lopez said they didn't see any violence between the Munises, who they said were a very friendly couple.

Between them, the Munises had four children, ages 19, 17, 13 and 5.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.