Magazine Offering Teens Alcohol-Flavored Lip Gloss Angers Parents

A gossip magazine that is giving away free alcohol-flavoured lip gloss to its 'tween readers has outraged drug and alcohol groups, The Daily Telegraph is reporting.

In Famous magazine this week, teenage girls can get their Britney Spears gossip fix along with a free vodka, tequila or margarita lip balm.

Famous yesterday defended it's decision to provide the Softlips gloss stick to its young readers, saying the gloss does not contain alcohol and the campaign was about giving dry lips a "real drink".

"The Softlips Lip Protectant does not contain any alcohol, but is named after alcoholic drinks with the marketing line that your lips get thirsty too, so why not give them a real drink," a Pacific Magazines spokeswoman said.

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While classed as a "youth title" along with Pacific's tween titles Girlfriend, Total Girl and K-Zone, Famous yesterday claimed it was "aimed at 18 to 34-year-old women".