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To Have One's Cake

Wanna feel loved? Be a cake in our greenroom. On FOX & Friends,” we're always scrounging for food that can be inhaled during a commercial break, and, let's admit it — nothing's more delicious than free cake.

Today was the going away party for Mike, our teleprompter operator who takes summers off (where do I submit my application for prompter operator?) So, Mindy (camera 1/flashdancer) baked him two cakes (again, is his job open?) one chocolate, one vanilla. The chocolate cake made the rounds in the greenroom, once we wrestled it from the clutches of Greg Kelly, who was subbing today for Brian. In an effort to be fair and balanced, Greg ate a piece of both the chocolate and vanilla.

'After staging a diversion in the middle of the show, I was able to grab the chocolate one off the set and take a huge bite before running next door to Studio A to share it with Megyn Kelly. Once she was done with it, I dashed back to Studio B where I encountered Dr. Ashton, recoiling in horror. She said she didn't want to know the level of bacteria now cavorting in the cake. Doctors ... always obsessing about disease. All this was happening in front of country music legend Marty Stuart, waiting in the greenroom to be interviewed by Greg. He seemed, frankly, appalled when I offered him some.

Just don't eat the Pitt...

Marie Osmond's presence in our greenroom Tuesday caused great excitement among much of our staff (particularly Greg Kelly) who remember her as a TV icon from their childhoods. It was fun to chat with her backstage. While waiting to go on-air to talk about a cause she called her passion (fighting heart disease), she confessed another passion to me: Brad Pitt. She said she'd just gone to see Ocean's 13 and while she couldn't remember the plot line, she could vividly recall Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon's finer points.

In the greenroom, Marie mentioned that she thought it would be fun to do the weather with Steve. We relayed that message to our senior producers in the control room who loved the idea. The only wildcard was her skirt — it was green and we worried that it would disappear against the chroma key of the weather map. Marie joked that effect might be slimming. It turned out that her skirt was just the right shade of pale green that worked on camera, so she was not rendered invisible from the waist down.

Marie told us she's trying to educate women that heart disease is their no.1 killer. She has a project called Choose to Move that teaches you simple ways to fend off heart disease. If you want to learn exactly what to do, go to her website Marie explained why she feels so strongly about this — heart disease took her Mom's life and runs rampant in her family.

Even with his childhood crush present, Greg scoured the place for any leftover scones. Later, I noticed half of my oatmeal suspiciously missing ... hmm.

Click here to see today's Greenroom Snapshots!

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