Elvis and the Funky Bunch Visit the Greenroom

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Tuesday, July 24

Q: What was it like to be Elvis' best friends?
A: A blast (duh!)

They say before Marky Mark made his mark, they were the original entourage, spending more than a decade traveling with Elvis. (check out photos of them in the special Elvis Tribute car.)

This morning in the greenroom were Elvis' friends: high school buddy, George Klein; his hair stylist, Larry Geller; and his bodyguard, Sam Thompson. They hung out and had all sorts of interesting tidbits about the King.

Larry said protecting Elvis's mane was one tall order. "He had gorgeous hair. But it was really fine, it needed body." Remember, this was the pre-mousse era, so Larry had to concoct his own special potion to keep it looking lush. And now, the secret is revealed!

Larry started with mild shampoo, then opened a Vitamin E capsule and poured it in along with some aloe vera. Larry quoted Elvis on his fear of hair loss, saying, "Larry, do whatever you want. Just keep my hair."

I found out that Elvis was more multi-dimensional than we know. Through their stories, it was revealed that he was spiritual, liked to meditate, and though he's famous for peanut butter and bacon sandwiches, Larry said Elvis was concentrating on eating more healthy foods. In fact, Elvis talked about quitting showbiz, moving to Hawaii, slowing his life down and getting healthy just before he died.

In a bit of greenroom synchronicity, Griff Jenkins was in the greenroom taking this all in as he waited for his segment on chasing Big Foot. Griff told the Elvis entourage about his pet dog ... named, what else, Elvis. Check out the pooch on his Web site!

Lastly, we had one other special visitor to the greenroom today — FOX's No. 1 fan, visiting us from Texas. What, you ask, makes him the No. 1 fan? He named his dog O'Reilly!

Click here to see today's Greenroom Snapshots!

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