Behind-the-Scenes: Joe Piscopo and John Ratzenberger Visit FOX & Friends

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Why was FOX's Senior Judicial Analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano hugging comedian Joe Piscopo in the makeup room like they were old friends? Because they are. Who knew they went to grade school together in Bloomfield, N.J.? Joe told me that even as a child, the judge was just like the erudite guy we know and love — while all the other kids were playing ball, the judge was busy thinking. Joe said all those classmates are now so proud of their hometown-boy-made-good.

Between Piscopo, Napolitano and Camerota, the greenroom basically became the Jersey Italian American club headquarters. Because of his Jersey address, Doocy was granted special membership privileges — like the right to gripe with Piscopo about their sky high property taxes during a commercial break (Jersey holds the distinction of having the highest property taxes in the country. Congratulations!) Joe was so fired up about it, I suggested he run for governor. (I didn't realize he'd seriously considered it in 2004, oops). And it's not out of the question now...

Sweating it Out on a Book Tour (de France)

When political analyst Dick Morris was getting ready to go on air to talk about the Fairness Doctrine and his book, Outrage, in walks Floyd Landis, winner of the Tour de France bike race. Dick joked that he could relate to Floyd's epic hurdles to win the Tour de France, because doing a book tour is "exactly like riding 500 miles uphill." Floyd had his own funny comeback — as Dick was telling the story of riding a moped in Bermuda, Floyd cracked, "and that was your last experience on two wheels?"

Cheers to Ratzenberger

Are Starbursts too chewy? I think so. I've burned so many calories chewing them, I've had to skip the gym for weeks. When I told actor John Ratzenberger about the danger of Starbursts and their chewiness, he scoffed at me, saying "But you know that going in!" (Ha!) He just stood there shaking his head at the absurdity of the story FOX & Friends was reporting about a lawsuit (I predict landmark) brought by a woman who claims she got lockjaw from chewing them.

John said that frivolous lawsuits in this country have even killed shop classes in high schools because every time a kid hits his finger with a hammer, a parent sees a payday. As a result, he said kids are no longer using their hands and this generation faces a worrisome shortage of repairmen! Think that's nuts? Check it out on

Click here to see today's Greenroom Snapshots!

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