Your Grrrs July 17, 2007: 'Men Are Pigs' Responses

Here are some of your responses to Mike's last column...

Julie in Tenn.: NO, I did not look up Salinas and I don't care about her appearance. My first thought was that she is a sleaze and a fake. You say men are pigs, but we can't forget that "it takes two." The fact that she is not married doesn't make her any less sleazy. The man has committed adultery and she had sex with another woman's husband and a father.

Jerome A. writes: I was more than a little disappointed when I read your commentary on Mayor Villaraigosa’s affair. Not only did you down play the seriousness of infidelity, but you celebrated it. I wonder if Mrs. Straka will be as understanding when you trade her in for a “newer model”? Who knows maybe she has her eye on some young stud that can reach items on the top shelf at the grocery store? If you have no respect for the institution of marriage then there is no reason for you to be married.

Ken D. writes: I think it's possible for a bad husband to be a good father (depending on what or how much he does that makes him "bad") but I don't think it's possible for an unfaithful husband to be a good father. I think when one spouse betrays the other with adultery, they betray not just the spouse but their children as well. It also tells the children that it's OK to betray the one person in the world whom you're most supposed to be faithful to -- for what? Because you think you're now too good-looking, too rich, too successful, too whatever for them now? I'm lucky in that my parents have a great marriage and have always been faithful to each other. I love and respect them very much ... but if one of them ever cheated on the other, it would severely damage that love and respect.

Joseph N. writes: I disagree with the premise of this column. I am a red-blooded 46-year-old male. Have a wife and three kids and am happily married. Any man who leaves his wife for his mistress is not a real man. I did not wonder what Mayor Villaraigosa’a gal pal looked like. Never did and never will. We know these men of power get trophy wives who are usually very young. I asked several male co-workers (I work in law enforcement) and not one of us wanted to know what this lady looked like. Overall the attitude was typical power-broker machismo. So calling all men pigs is a disservice just as calling all women whores because of the young ladies helping to break up marriages. It is a two-way street with your logic.

Brett W. writes: Dude, you're all whacked out. You need to chill. Antonio probably strayed because his wife drove him nuts. Are you married? Did you see "Knocked Up" recently? Major play on marriage reality. Yeah so his new babe is a hottie. Most women in their mid-'30s are. That's when women become actual women, well at least most do. As for the mayor being a good dad ....... A guy looking for a woman to romance and spend time with can be a good dad. Mutually exclusive by far.

As for blending of his last name ....... He's a politico as in "say anything, do anything" to get elected. He's got a great story of triumph over situation. I met Villa when he was in the Assembly years ago. He's a fighter, a tough street kid who made something of himself. He's achieved a lot in his life. Maybe the soon-to-be ex just kept crushing him. His dreams. His vision. Maybe she's a suffocator? I don't know, but you sure went on a bender in this column. And hey, I wrote this to you while laying on the couch decompressing from a day's work.

Joe C writes: You are dead on with the whole "men are pigs thing" ... and I am a man. But I guess it's what we should expect with the way Hollywood, sports and rock stars are idolized instead of the real men in our lives, the real fathers, who care about their families, kids and lives. Amazingly enough, still, no one can figure out that there seems to be a pattern with the downfall of society and the quality of life that is diminishing since the '50s, when our fathers started to get robbed from us, slaves to the BlackBerries that you also acknowledge as killers of home life ..... and as far as onions, I got so tired of asking for no onions that I actually grew a small tolerance of them.

Other Grrrs ...

Pat M. writes: I just finished reading the story on about Lindsay Lohan getting out of rehab, mainly to find out if that ankle bracelet will also detect use of substances other than alcohol (it wasn't mentioned) and read the following: "Her outpatient program includes going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, taking daily tests and receiving therapy." Does it seem odd to anyone other than me that her upcoming attendance at Alcoholics ANONYMOUS meetings is getting so much press?

Greg writes: Would someone please inform food makers that advertise there products on national TV that using actors who have zero respect for table manners is not cute.... Watching these people chomp, talk with full mouths, play with their food is not a good example for a society that already is footloose with table manners. I have not been to a movie theater in years due to the inexcusable rude chompers in the theaters.....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Karen B. in Manchester, Conn.: Mike, I understand and respect your grrr about onions because I am also a hater of onions. But let's not forget the other offender, the tomato! Why does every sandwich in the world have to come with a slice of tomato?? Deli sandwiches, burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, any sort of pita, salads, tacos, chili, all have to come with lovely chunks or slices of this slimy, fleshy, seed-riddled, jelly-like abhorrence!

Steve writes: Why do you suspect a person who finds that the best thing according to them is to bless you? You don't even explain this one. Saying "God bless" is not an invitation to worship. It's not intruding on your beliefs at all ... can't you just accept a kind remark? C'mon man, this one is just stupid. Sounds like some kind of personal bias to me.

--Steve, all due respect, but most of the people who tell me "God bless" on a regular basis are the same ones looking for a handout at the ATM machine.

Dennis writes: I just wanted to reply to the Grrr below. When someone says God bless, they are not calling you to worship at all! They are only sending a blessing your way. To find someone suspect for wishing good on someone clearly shows a lack of respect for another's faith.

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