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I am putting you all to work on the blog today (meaning it will be mostly e-mails). I was off Friday night (high school reunion) and have not seen the news in days, so I have almost no clue what is going on in the world. Of course that will change momentarily. As soon as I hit "send" on the blog, I will dig into the five newspapers that are delivered to my house, turn on the news on the TV and cruise the Internet news sites.

As for the reunion? It was fun... always is. The topics of conversation have sort of changed over the years (in the early years we talked about music and careers... now it tends to be health and trying to identify different people who show up.)

Do you know what the American Association of Justice is? I did not... until I looked a bit deeper. It is the former Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA). First, I like trial lawyers — I was one, tried many cases and helped people. I believe citizens have the right to sue when they have been wronged and the other side refuses to right the wrong. But why the name change? It is a silly PR stunt (may be a contributing factor as to why people hate lawyers.)

I received many e-mails about the video blog of Ted and Bernie that I posted last week. Yes, they are a piece of work. If I have time tonight, I will do another one with them. See E-mail No. 7 below which is typical of the Ted and Bernie video blog e-mails.

Tonight's show is scheduled to be out of Washington, D.C., but as you know, this is a very dynamic business and by 10 p.m. I could be dispatched to some other location. So stay tuned!

Now for the e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Last night's John Kasich show was really frustrating. John ran a segment about how bad it was to give Paris Hilton "special treatment" in jail. The things he and his guest highlited were cell phone use, parents not having to wait in line to visit, mail delivered by a Sheriff's Captain, and so on.
I am fed up with the media (and FOX) misleading the public about these things.
It seems to me that making the parents stand in line like all of us riffraff, would create a situation where us riffraff would not have a place to park, would be pushed out of line by paparazzi and what not. Having the parents visit on the lunch hour was to permit the riffraff to get along with the normal amount of hassle. But the media will not say that.
How much do you think an inmate in the jail could have sold a letter to Paris from you, or me, or some celebrity for? Pardon, you do qualify as a celebrity, but you get the idea.
How does a person who cannot be protected in the jail and therefore must be in solitary confinement stand in line for the pay phone?
That's all I can think of for now, but what I really wanted was to ask if you can get some experts to come on your program and explain how a jail handles a person they are not capable of protecting while in the general population. I think it would be really smart if jails which have to handle this problem would publish a policy BEFORE this situation arises. Maybe you can get the L.A. jail to work with you on a policy to publish.
Jim McKenney
Albuquerque, NM

E-mail No. 2

This is to let you know that I plan to donate blood on Monday 7/17/07 at:
Red Cross
2201 Charlotte Avenue
Nashville, TN 37203
Thank you,
Maria Reyes

ANSWER: I think it is good that you donate blood... but how come you are telling me? Is there something special going on or is this routine?

E-mail No. 3

I am physician with over 20 years in patient care, teaching, board certified, etc. I am a former athlete and know athletics. Even though you and your panel members "whine" over the treatment of Dr. Phil Astin, all legitimate physicians who treat patients know this type of "doctor." They are minimally qualified, frequently never passed a board exam, are usually frequent and repeat offenders. They practice dirty medicine, giving steroids, narcotics, sedatives, etc. They usually trade these drugs for hidden cash (therefore no "paper trail"), sexual favors, illicit drugs, or just celebrity exposure. They violate prudent medical guidelines in the name of supposed "care" for their patients. Most of them have only office practices, don't have hospital privileges, and therefore escape most opportunities to scrutinize or monitor their patterns until something gross occurs. Records show they've been in trouble before, just like Dr. Astin and his father.
If the reports are true, that Dr. Astin wrote prescriptions for more than a million doses of controlled drugs, and the accelerated prescribing schedule for wrestlers like Benoit, I believe the jury deliberation should be quick. Let's be more concerned for the patients who are, themselves, victimized by losers like Dr. Astin. Medical boards are obligated. to develop ways to better police maverick physicians.

E-mail No. 4

Is it really necessary to show the violent fighting in the ring while you discuss the issue? I avoid violence as much as possible, and find it offensive that I'm forced to view Chris' violence while listening to your discussion of the case.
Thanks for considering my sensibilities!
Joanne Ang

E-mail No. 5

When you write "dental bridge" I think you mean a denture, or a partial denture.
Dentures are removable, while a bridge is permanently cemented. It's a common mix-up, I just want to set the record straight.
Thank you.

E-mail No. 6

Hi Greta,
Just putting my senior 2 cents in regarding Miss N.J. I have grand kids older than her and everyone seems to put it that all the young people do this stuff. I say no. Only ones that are looking to shock people and have more than a little fun. I personally think that Miss N.J. is so called blackmailing herself for the attention that it brought. I also think she waited to win the crown for N.J., so that she can get to meet Trump and have him befriend her like he did for Miss America, otherwise WHY wouldn't the blackmailer do this when she was in the N.J. pageant? Why would she get onto all those talk shows and say I DON'T KNOW, I DON'T KNOW have nothing else to say? I'm surprised that O'Reilly didn't say more.
Thanks for listening,
Caroline Bogart

E-mail No. 7

Dear Greta,
I took the time to view a whole bunch of your “before the show” videos, mostly of your favorite two guys and laughed my socks off. Yes, I wear socks all the time, Ted — otherwise I get blisters on my feets! Bernie, your name fits you to a “T” as the top of your cute little head appears to “Bern” with stage lights! Wish I had more time to sit up and view everything, Greta — you seem to be having such fun. Glad to know you’re full of it just like the rest of us!!
Great shows always,
Lex Park, MD

E-mail No. 8

We need a new law! Having drunks as parents is child abuse! Where do we start to make this a law? If you really stop to think about it, you can make a very long list of what a drunk parent can do and what a child sees and goes through.
I was abused physically by my alcoholic father, I saw many horrors and it caused a lot of pain.
A drunk cannot drive, he can pass out and leave a child alone and if he or she is a mean drunk they can abuse a child.
Would you let a drunk babysit your child?
I'm gonna try it :)
Jen Brooks
Melbourne, FL

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