How Much News Do You Know?

Think you know what's been happening in the news? Try our quiz and see how well you remember the major events of the week! Be sure to keep track of your answers. Then, when you're finished, click here for answers! And, please send us your feedback on the quiz — we want to know what you think!

Question 1: Texas authorities began a search Tuesday for a young girl featured in an online video. What in the video prompted police to search for the child?

A.They believe she was given Ecstasy
B. She matches the description of a child who went missing from Oregon last month
C. She is believed to have run away from home
D. They believe the girl may be the child of a woman found dead in her home last week

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Question 2: A juror in her early twenties was arrested for contempt of court during a murder trial in London. What was the woman allegedly doing in the courtroom that led to her arrest?

A. Texting on her cell phone
B. Interrupting the prosecution
C. Reading the newspaper
D. Listening to her MP3 player

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Question 3: Louisiana Senator David Vitter apologized for what he called a “very serious sin.” For what was the senator apologizing?

A. He embezzled funds intended for environmental protection
B. His phone number on the records of an alleged prostitution ring
C. His ties to the mob
D. His alleged involvement in a murder-for-hire

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Question 4: Beauty queen Amy Polumbo says she received an anonymous threat to give up her title or personal photographs of the college student would be released. What is Amy Polumbo’s title?

A. Miss New York
B. Miss California
C. Miss New Jersey
D. Miss Connecticut

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Question 5: A Massachusetts man could face charges for his statements made during the jury selection process. What did he say to attempt to avoid jury duty?

A. He claimed to be homophobic
B. He claimed to be racist
C. He claimed to be a habitual liar
D. All of the above

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Question 6: A video rivaling that of the “Obama Girl” has taken YouTube by storm. Which presidential candidate is the subject of the video by former “American Idol” contestant Taryn Southern?

A. John Edwards
B. Hillary Clinton
C. Rudy Giuliani
D. Fred Thompson

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Question 7: Reporter Amy Jacobson was fired from her job at WMAQ-TV after a video surfaced of her wearing a swimsuit at the home of the missing person whose disappearance she had been covering. Which missing persons case was Jacobson reporting on?

A. Lisa Stebic
B. Jessie Davis
C. Kelsey Smith
D. Amy Giordano

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Question 8: The investigation for Lisa Stebic, the Chicago mom who went missing on April 30 has taken an interesting turn. Who have authorities named as a person of interest in the case?

A. WMAQ-TV reporter Amy Jacobson
B. Her husband, Craig Stebic
C. Her neighbor
D. A co-worker

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Question 9: A small plane crashed Tuesday killing five people while attempting to make an emergency landing. Two of the deceased had ties to what professional sports association?


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Question 10: Which member of President Bush’s cabinet told the Chicago Tribune Tuesday that he has a “gut feeling” about an increased risk for terrorism this summer?

A. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates
B. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales
C. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jim Nicholson
D. Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff

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BONUS Question: Kent Couch and his lawn chair took to the sky last weekend with help from 105 helium balloons. What was Couch’s destination?

A. Oregon
B. California
C. Washington
D. Idaho

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