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How can I find out Ann Coulter’s appearance schedule on your channel? Please help!

Don’t worry, finding out appearances on FOX News is easy! Go to On the top right of the page click the red link called schedule and you find out not only the guest appearances but all the show topics for the day!

How can I get E-mail addresses for Alisyn Camerota, Laurie Dhue, and Trace Gallagher? I'd like to compliment them. — Jeanette (Loudon, TN)

FOX News loves to hear from the viewers! In order to E-mail any talent or shows go to and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “contact us.” Here you will find direct E-mail addresses to the talent and shows. Another option is to E-mail with the name of the person you’d like to contact as the subject line, and we would be happy to pass it on!

Hello, I wrote over a month ago about an episode LTC Oliver North aired called “Fighter Aces.” I was curious about getting an upcoming re-air date so I could see it again or if a DVD was available that I may purchase of that episode. I spent 16 years in the Air Force as a B-52 and B-1 pilot. Faithful viewer and reader of FOX for many years, thank you, Tom.

Oliver North DVDs are available at the FOX News store. Click here for the store. You can also get some web exclusives associated with this episode at the FOX Fan site -- click on web exclusives and look for the War Stories logo. Click here to be redirected

Hi Fox, can you please tell us what happened to Juliet and Mike? We miss those guys! Thanks! — Dick and Susie

Don’t worry Mike and Juliet are still on FOX! They have their own morning show on your local FOX channel. Click here to find out your local listings and times!

How can I acquire text from a show on FOX News Channel? — Pat

At this time, only some of our shows offer transcripts. You can always get a transcript of Bill O’Reilly’s “Talking Points Memo,” John Gibson’s “My Word,” Neil Cavuto’s “Common Sense,” and Brit Hume’s “Grapevine,” on their show Web sites. You can also read transcripts of each week’s FOX News Sunday interview.

On your Web site, what happened to the “Out There” news stories? I can’t seem to find them anymore and looked forward to them everyday. Are the gone or were they just moved to a new spot? — Terri

The “Out There” stories are still a part of FOX News! “FOX News Live” host E.D. Hill now includes them as part of her daily blog. You can find them in the blog section of the FOX Fan site!

I have searched and searched for Lauren Green’s video clips and looked at her blog. How can I subscribe to her blog or E-mail her? I have wanted to compliment her on her work; I have been a fan for a few years now. Thank you! — Mary

You can E-mail Lauren Green at Her blogs are located on the FOX Fan Web site in the blog section. You can also watch some of her videos in the video section.

How do I find the Saturday business block on your Web site?

If you go to the FOX News Web site and click on the business icon on the top of the page you will be redirected to the business home. On the left-hand tool bar you can click on business shows which will redirect you to their homepages. Click here for a direct link to the web site.

I am trying to find the latest videos (or printouts) of Dr. Rosenfeld's "Housecall" on your site. Could you please tell me what I need to do? — Harriet

To view Dr. Rosenfeld's videos you can go to the FOX News Live section of the site and scroll to the bottom of the page. If you would like to E-mail Dr. Rosenfeld click here!

Can you tell me what happened to Judge Napolitano. Is he still with FOX News Channel? — P

YES! The Judge is still with FOX News! In fact, he has his own radio show with Brian Kilmeade from 9 am till noon (ET). To listen to his show on the web site, or to find out more information about the show click here! The Judge also regularly appears on many FOX News shows as a legal consultant.

Can I watch a live broadcast on my computer instead of using a television set? If so, how? Thanks! — Jim

We do offer Live Stream feeds on, which are in fact live, up-to-the-minute feeds of what's happening. We do these live streams on an event basis; if an event comes up that we think people are interested in watching live, we stream that on our Web site. You can often watch live press conferences, trial proceedings, or presidential speeches on our web site. Check the front of to see what’s being offered today.

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