Study: Moles Help Retain Youthful Appearance

Do you have a mole on your face? Spent half your life being teased about it?

Well, now’s your turn to point the finger and laugh, for new research shows that those with lots of moles are years younger biologically than their unblemished counterparts.

Scientists claim those with moles may retain their youthful looks for longer. The reason, perhaps, why owner of the world’s most famous mole supermodel Cindy Crawford looks a lot younger than her 41 years.

The study was conducted by London dermatologists and published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention. The link between moles and ageing was drawn after studying bundles of DNA, called telomeres, of more than 900 sets of female twins.

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Science already knew that those with long telomeres tend to be biologically younger than those with shorter telomeres. This new study found that people with more than 100 moles had longer telomeres than those with less than 25 ‘beauty spots’. This marked a significant six or seven years of aging.