Should Miss NJ Lose Her Crown?

Pageant directors will decide whether Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo will get to keep her crown now that photographs used to blackmail the beauty queen were made public.

Among the pictures was one of Polumbo possibly in a Halloween costume holding pumpkins near her breasts. Another photo shows the fully clothed 22 year-old having her breast bitten over her shirt by a man she claims was her boyfriend.

The Wagner College senior admitted, "It's not in a ladylike manner. I'm not a robot. I'm a human being."

Click here to view the photos of Miss New Jersey.

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

“I think she should not lose her crown because what she does on her own time is her business. People just think that she should not do that — a lot of people act like that when they are having a good time.” — Wes

“Since when does nudity have to be the benchmark for disgusting behavior? I know kids can get a little out of control, but I think the fact that she posted these on her Facebook page in the first place says even more about her character (or the lack thereof) than what is in the pictures themselves. I can't believe her mother is defending her. If that were my daughter (and I do have one) I'd be mortified and I'd want her to lose her crown so she'd learn a lesson. “ — C.L. (North Wales, PA)

“For crying out loud leave this girl alone! She’s have fun with her friends — end of the story. For some idiot to blackmail her over these photos is outrageous, that person should go to jail not just for blackmail for being down right stupid. We live in a society where people have stopped caring about each and being happy for your fellow man/woman but it seems some of us are only looking to make a fast buck. She should not lose her crown!” — Robert

“Amy Polumbo should not lose her crown, especially since this is a case of blackmail. Taking her crown could open every winner up to blackmail every year. And if they do take her crown, then nobody should get it.” — Joe (North Bergen, NJ)

“I think this is ridiculous! It's nice to see a real girl representing one of our states.” — Tiffany (Austin, TX)

“If she can lose a crown for this we should just stop having pageants altogether. Not real flattering, but I've been more offended by common dance recitals than this." — Angela

“Have we really become a society that views these pictures as offensive? She is a young woman having a little fun with her girlfriends. What 22-year-old (male or female) hasn’t done that?” — Sean

“Yes, Miss New Jersey made bad decisions and if she keeps her crown we are telling young ladies growing up that no matter what they do it is to be overlooked because ‘they were young and stupid!’ It's time to have accountability. Young ladies growing up in this ‘anything goes’ society will think before they act if we make them accountable. Miss New Jersey’s actions are not what we want young girls to imitate. Miss New Jersey is probably a very sweet girl, but she should not be a role model for our youth. She also needs to take responsibility for her actions and step down herself.” — Sab

“No class, no crown.” — Jeff (Savannah, GA)

“No, she should not be punished by losing her crown because of such silly photos. Although they are crude and in bad taste, who hasn't had a photo taken of themselves in similar situations, whether intentional or accidental? Good for her for standing up to the blackmailers. She's a brave girl.” — Linda (OH)