Getting Too Close to the Story

A Chicago reporter lost her job after video surfaced of her in a swimsuit at the home of missing mom Lisa Stebic. WMAQ-TV’s Amy Jacobson had been covering the disappearance of the 38 year-old woman, but came under scrutiny after the video surfaced, which also included footage of Jacobson’s children and Lisa Stebic’s estranged husband Craig.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Jacobson was planning to go swimming with her children when she received a call from Craig Stebic’s sister inviting her to discuss the case at the couple’s home. "It was a way for me to do my work and have fun with my kids," Jacobson told the newspaper. She concedes she “made a lapse in judgment,” but doesn’t feel the video accurately portrayed the situation.

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

“A reporter goes to a man’s house and swims in his pool … big deal. If she were sleeping with the guy, it’s still none of anyone’s business. She just needs a good lawyer.” — Don

“Yes, I believe that what she did was wrong. How can she claim to be objective? What if it turns out that the missing wife is dead? Then what?” — Bill (Pomeroy, IA)

“I think that it would be really hard to be an objective reporter while swimming in the pool of people that you're interviewing. I don't believe for a minute that it was a lapse in judgment. She just didn’t think that she was going to get caught.” — Allen (Clay City, KY)

“She was working on a story to get more information. It's too bad [the station] was quick to fire her, but he is an idiot. She will hook up with another bigger network and look back on this as just a hiccup in her career.” — C.

“This is nothing — compared to what most reporters do. It’s a non-event” — Gus

“This reporter of 10 years knew better. How unprofessional to be so familiar with a man whose wife has disappeared.” — Mark

“I think every reporter wants their 15 minutes of fame, and I believe they would do most anything to get a story. Sometimes these things backfire, and now she is the subject of an investigation. To answer your question I think she went too far.” — Bob (Ellensburg, WA)