Live Earth Is Dead

So, Live Earth is dead.

Celebrity do-gooders from all over came to throw a party for the planet, but we had better things to do.

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Fact is, we know when we're being fed a line of bull and that no matter how many trees you plant to offset the waste, the concert still blows.

Organizers asked us to "forget the hypocrisy" of the waste generated by Live Earth, because the show was about "raising awareness." But the only awareness it raised is what a joke it was.

Live Earth was designed to enable participating celebs to go on living excessively, guilt-free. But what happens when they realize that their views mean nothing to us? How must Madonna feel, when we've said, "We like your music, but shut up?"

Maybe we should plan a benefit for celebrities, to raise funds for therapy to fix their wounded egos. Or, what if we raised awareness for something we should all get behind: death. How about a concert against death?

Musicians and actors are prime targets of radical Islam: They're the face of Western pop culture, making them the first to die in the event of a new caliphate.

If Islam takes over, it's goodbye to Madonna and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. If you're gay you'll be strung up like a piñata before you can say, "Terrorists have mommies too."

Yes, even you, Rosie.

Will our Western stars mobilize to raise awareness of an enemy that wants to destroy us all?

Don't hold your breath.

Well, unless you're around Sheryl Crow.

That's my gut feeling.

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