If Senator John McCain Has Any Friends on the Left, He Lost Them Today

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I always liked McCain but I knew a lot of conservatives who didn't. That disaffection is starting to show. You've seen the chaos in his campaign, of course. Staffers resigning, fund raising failures, the senator sinking in the polls.

I knew the conservatives were angry with McCain over such issues as McCain-Feingold, because as the Supreme Court ruled recently, it does abridge free speech.

I knew conservatives didn't like him getting in bed with Teddy Kennedy. Even if it was an effort to solve an intractable problem like immigration, the idea that the senator would join with arch liberal Kennedy just didn't go over well. Add to that the idea that he supported something that smelled like amnesty, and well... let's just say it got ugly on the right.

Still, a person might have thought there was hope. But when I saw McCain in the well of the Senate today and the banner at the bottom of the screen said something like "McCain supports Bush in Iraq,” I knew the senator had serious serious problems.

Now even the liberals will want a chunk of his hide. There is no greater offense to the liberal base of this country right now than supporting the war right now. If McCain had a few friends left on the left, he lost them today.

Before he sticks his neck out too far, McCain should look around the Senate. His colleagues on the left are trying to surrender Iraq to Al Qaeda before General Petraeus has a chance to succeed. Success in Iraq would embarrass the left.

I felt sorry for McCain today. He was doing the right thing, and he will get hammered for it.

That's My Word.

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