Cheapskates — a Trump and a Doocy — in the Greenroom

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Tuesday, July 10

When Sally met Jackie

Half of the Happy Family was in the greenroom today. Steve (Mr. Happy) decided that when it came to Disney Channel expertise he should really call in an expert — his 13-year-old daughter Sally. Sally and her mom (Kathy/Mrs. Happy) had to get up super early and come to our studio so Sally could conduct the on-air interview of her longtime idols, Aly and AJ. Sally told me she likes them much more than Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan because Aly and AJ seem like normal kids — more like her sister Mary and herself.

Kathy described the Doocys as a "Disney Channel Family." I asked Sally what she planned to ask the starlet sisters and she handed me her typed questions. I asked if perhaps her dad helped craft question three: "How can I have a great sweet 16 party with a father who's a cheapskate?" She smiled and nodded. Sally seemed oddly calm for someone about to be in the presence of celebrities. When her Mom asked how she felt, Sally said he was much more nervous when she'd done a report for her middle school TV station.

But the greenroom quickly went from a G-rating to R when in walked racy romance novelist Jackie Collins, glamorous in high heels and hoop earrings. On-air, Jackie had a lot to say about Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee's sex tape that highlighted his, um, finer points. Off-air Jackie was just as outspoken. She watched our greenroom TV with great interest as Sally interviewed Aly and AJ on the air. "She's great!" Jackie exclaimed. When Steve and Sally came into the greenroom right after the interview, Jackie made her opinion known. "Steve, does your daughter get paid for this? I think that's a union rule," she joked. "It's cable, Jackie!" Steve shot back. Steve decided to compensate Sally by buying breakfast for her and Kathy after the show. Who says he's a cheapskate?

Speaking of Cheapskates ...

Ivanka Trump swooshed into our greenroom, looking like the poster girl for class and couture. Backstage, she was remarkably unaffected and articulate, chatting up other guests and interns alike. She was clad in a beautiful beige, belted dress with double-breasted buttons. But Steve seemed confused. "Is that a dress or a trench coat?" he asked. "A dress. I think," Ivanka responded.

It looked like she'd paid hundreds of dollars for it, but then she revealed a secret: she'd picked it up at the famous New York knock-off store Zara for $30 bucks. "There's nothing I hate more than shopping." She went on, saying she refuses to plunk down $1,000 for a designer dress and prefers to wear inexpensive clothing. In fact, she never wears designer duds "unless they send it to me for free to wear to an event." Then she dropped this bombshell: "I'm a cheapskate." Everyone gasped. Steve seemed pleased.

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