Who Will Be Blamed For the Aftermath if U.S. Retreats From Iraq?

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For a long time we've been hearing ordinary people and big shot opinion makers say we should get out of Iraq. I've always wondered what these people say about what will happen when we leave.

Remember that mountain of skulls in Cambodia? Remember how the movie, “The Killing Fields,” was such a big hit because Americans love to see what happens when Americans aren't around to stop something?

Remember the massacres of Rwanda. Remember “Hotel Rwanda”? That was a huge hit. Once again, America didn't stop something.

So here we are about to pull out of Iraq and give Al Qaeda a field day. It will make the Taliban in Afghanistan look like a bunch of timid Boy Scouts.

And Sunday The New York Times answered the question... what will we do when we see genocide after we leave Iraq? The Times says we'll just have to watch and wait for the killing to end.

After the Vietnam War the U.S. let in so many refugees who had been Vietnamese workers for the Americans or aligned with them somehow that little Saigons popped up in several places in America.

So where's the little Baghdad going to be? Or the little Karbala or the little Fallujah? And do we think Americans are just going to stand by and watch a genocide play out?

Will The New York Times have the nerves of steel it will take to ignore the mass killing without writing even one editorial that demands the U.S. step in and stop it?

The Times says it will resist the temptation, but I don't know. Decrying injustice seems to be in the Times chromosomes... so I would expect a turn on a dime one day and the Times will suddenly demand U.S. troops redeploy into Iraq to stop the bloodbath.

Democrats like to say Bush's support is eroding even among Republicans. It's true, and it's also true that there really isn't anything to be done about it. Bush is in a war he can't get out of, plain and simple.

It's the Democrats’ retreat now. The New York Times and the anti-war Dems may get their way, and we may have to get out... but the question is ... who gets the blame for the aftermath?

I can see them blaming Bush. But he would be the last guy to call for a sudden Iraq pullout.

Instead the blame will go to those who insisted on a retreat from Iraq... starting with The New York Times Editorial Board.

That's My Word.

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