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Since I promised you the behind the scenes of our show:

This is one of those weeks that is very scheduled — except, apparently, for sleep. We forgot to schedule for that. We are going to be on trains and planes all week scrambling to get to different stories and different interviews. If I am lucky, and the schedule stays as is, I will make my high school reunion on Friday and Saturday in Wisconsin. (I have a pretty steady record of making all my reunions — I am very close to my grade school and high school friends and since I have threatened many of them that they better show up, I likewise must show up.)

While the week is a busy one, it is also have an exciting week — it starts with the first lady tonight. We have interviewed Mrs. Bush before, but it is always interesting for us to do it again. If you stop and think about it, the "job" of the first lady is not defined (unlike the president's in the Constitution) so each first lady creates her own job description. It is an unpaid job — but much is expected by the American people of our first ladies. I suppose the first lady could sit in the White House eating chocolates and watching movies, since she is neither elected nor paid. But each does just the opposite: Each gets out and tries to make things better for all of us. I admire first ladies. I don't think it is easy to be the first lady — people constantly taking swipes, justified or not, at your husband. It is actually easier (I think) to be the target of the swipes than to be the family member hearing them or reading them. Political families have to have very thick skin.

We have a day trip to New York City tomorrow to do an interview. We need the weather to be good as the interview is outside. If luck is on my side not only about the weather, I will get to NYC before noon, do the interview and back on the train for tomorrow night's show. Yes, the plane is faster, but I have sat on the tarmac at LaGuardia too often for too long to roll the dice and fly. The odds of an on-time arrival are much better on the train. Flying between Washington and New York is a nightmare.

John Mark Karr (JonBenet Ramsey story) was arrested in Georgia over the weekend for domestic violence. The details of his arrest are in a wire story I have posted after the e-mails from you. See below: When we interviewed Karr about six weeks ago in NYC, he brought his fiancee (she is part of the story below.) His fiancee was in the room (off camera) watching the interview and I wondered what she thought as he answered our questions and she listened to his answers. She said after the interview that she had learned some new things listening to him answer my questions. Karr is an unusual fellow (to put it politely) and she seemed — well, she seemed like she would not want a guy with all the baggage that he brings to a relationship. He sure brings a lot — that whole Thailand-Colorado arrest ordeal was pretty bizarre. Here is another tidbit: His fiancee has a child and apparently her family is not crazy (or wasn't then) about her relationship with John Mark Karr.

Over the weekend I got a text message from a source who told me that the "DOJ is now in Florida investigating" Anna Nicole Smith's death. I don't think it is the Federal DOJ (Department of Justice), but the California DOJ — but just a guess. I likewise suspect, but don't know for sure, that they are looking at the prescribing of the drugs to her. I will keep you posted. One other thing: Just because there is an investigation does not mean that a crime has been committed. We need to see what the investigation turns up.

Yesterday I got breaking news on my BlackBerry: that Roger Federer had won his fifth straight Wimbledon title, beating Rafael Nadal in five sets. I read it to my husband who then asked me if Roger Federer is Brittany Spears' ex-husband. Yikes, I did not know what to say — I was stunned. I guess it is safe to say that my husband is not a big tennis fan. He can answer any question about history, but I guess he should stay away from discussing tennis.

Here is your challenge of the day: What would you do about Iraq if it were up to you? More horrible news over the weekend: A suicide attack killed more than 150 and eight U.S. troops die. E-mail me — one other thing, and I mean this genuinely and I am not being sarcastic, if you think our country should stay in Iraq, what stops you from enlisting and going? And no, I don't have the answer how to resolve this and thus I am curious what ideas you have.

Now for your e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Just letting you know drug addicts administer liquid meds through the bowels w/a baby bottle. One could even administer drugs when someone was still sleeping.
Penny Sanftenberg

ANSWER: Penny, I have never heard that before. As an aside, I got an email from someone who said the baby bottle was tested for drugs and that there were no drugs. I need to review the autopsy/toxicology reports to see if noted there so I can verify one way or the other.

E-mail No. 2

Hello Greta! I was very upset after seeing your interview w/Taz. I don't think a complete investigation was done and if so, were the feds there to do this? If not, I think a complete wash. Something very wrong w/all of it, almost like a cover up.
Why is Taz's side of story just now coming out? I also think Howard knew she was dead and again he has avoided any procession what so ever. How sad for Anna who employed him to care for her.
I would like to know your opinion.
Thank you.
Zerlene Woodward

ANSWER: I think there should be a fair and complete investigation. A fair and complete investigation not only identifies wrong doing or negligence when it has occurred, but also clears people who have been unjustly smeared or accused. It also stops rumors.

E-mail No. 3

Any idea what was in the package sent to Tas home for Howard K. Stern? I question the ethics of the so called Dr. that was with Anna. If she had to go back to Calif. she should have made certain another Dr. was present.
Anna might still be alive had they gotten her to the hospital!
Nancy [Krause]
Peoria, AZ

E-mail No. 4

There's a lawsuit filed by a Detroit city employee over a coworker's use of perfume since the fragrance makes her physically ill. She has filed the action under the American with Disabilities Act stating that the work environment is in violation of the Act. I am interested in this case because I too become very ill from the smell of perfumes when exposed to it for any amount of time. Luckily, I have never been in a work situation with someone wearing a strong perfume but I did endure a 4 hour plane trip under those circumstances where I experienced nausea and faintness from the aroma for the majority of the time. I happened to catch a FOX News legal panel essentially stating that they did not feel that this legal action fit under the ADA and expressing, what appeared to be, humor at such an action and that it was an infringement on the woman's right to wear perfume. At any rate, I wanted to express that this is a real physical reaction and were I in that same situation, I would not be able to work in that environment. I do wonder why the woman wearing the perfume would not simply stop doing so. Usually such things get settled between employees or through a human resources department. I'll be interested in seeing how this lawsuit "plays out."
San Diego, CA

ANSWER: I wondered when someone was going to file a lawsuit about perfumes and colognes since I hear complaints about perfumes and colognes all the time. It is not uncommon for people to get sick from even modest amounts of perfume... I have read that perfume can trigger headaches, including migraines, in many. Some perfumes are great fragrances but the problem is that not everyone wants to smell what others put on. Too much of even a great fragrance can be quite stifling — especially in the small and closed area of an airline cabin. Hotels put a perfume in hotel room carpets to cover odors, but sometimes they go a bit wild and overdo it. The problem is that after an hour in the hotel room you can taste the perfume... and if you get sick from perfume, you could have a particularly bad night! I am not sure that a lawsuit is the best way to handle this — usually good manners can resolve this. But, I suppose if the matter can't be worked out among people, a lawsuit may help amplify the problem and get a good solution.

E-mail No. 5

Dear Greta,
Your story regarding the language barrier at NIH (somewhat) hits home. Our neighbor is a Federal Marshall at NIH and he has told us many times about the language problem. It seems that it is mostly the private security firms hired to supplement the Federal officers.
What IF there was a real emergency? A major disaster occurs?
How would these non-English speaking guards communicate with other emergency personnel? What a nightmare!
Keep up the good work. We watch you every chance we get.
Stan & Ginger Smith
Glen Burnie, MD

• Former JonBenet Ramsey suspect released from jail on bond

ATLANTA (AP) — A judge has ordered former JonBenet Ramsey suspect John Mark Karr released on bond today for charges related to a domestic argument with his girlfriend and father.

Fulton County Magistrate Judge Jay Roth set a a three-thousand dollars signature bond for Karr, who was released this afternoon.

At the brief hearing this morning, Karr, handcuffed and dressed in blue jail clothes, stood impassively as the judge went through the proceedings. Karr is expected to appear in court again for his misdemeanor charges of battery and obstruction of a 9-1-1 call on Friday.

Officers received a 911 call on July sixth from his father's house in suburban Atlanta about an argument.

Sandy Springs Police Lieutenant Steve Rose says that since it appears that the two Karrs exchanged blows, officers also issued a citation to the father, Wexford Karr, for simple battery.

The older Karr was not taken into custody because of his age and because he isn't considered a flight risk, Rose said, but he will have to appear in front of a judge. That hearing date hasn't been set.

Karr was arrested last summer in Thailand after making bizarre, detailed confessions in the 6-year-old beauty contestant's death, which was a sudden turn in the decade-old Ramsey killing in Boulder, Colorado.

But authorities freed the sometime teacher obsessed with the little girl's slaying after he was brought back to the U-S for lack of corroboration for his claims — or even any solid indication he'd been near Boulder at the time of the killing.
(Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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