Friday Finals: Week's Winners and Losers

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Time for the Friday Finals, the big winners and the big losers of the week. First the winners.

Al Gore is our big winner of the week. He suckered NBC into giving him 75 hours of airtime for Live Earth. And it comes before the Dems bring back the equal-time provision of the Fairness Doctrine. Just under the wire, Al, so you get to gas about global warming with no debate.

The dry cleaners who lost the pants that got them sued for millions are winners. The judge may give them attorney's fees, which would only be fair. It may be possible they will get justice.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a winner. He has only married his wife once, which evidently is a small club in California politics, at least down in Los Angeles where the pols seem especially frisky.

The Brits are the biggest winners. How many times can you expect that terrorists will fail? Once, twice, OK. But three times? Our lucky cousins, the Brits.

Now the big losers.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is a loser. Getting all set to run for governor, he admits in flagrante to an affair. Sex scandals aren't good in political campaigns. Or are they? Maybe he's a winner.

But his paramour has to be a loser. Mirthala Salinas, the TV anchor, actually reported the news of her boyfriend's divorce without mentioning she might have been the reason.

Telemundo is a loser. Whoa, this is NBC News en Espanol. I know this stuff is against the rules. The TV babes are not supposed to be getting exclusives by seduction. I'm positive that's a rule.

And the Peacock Network is a loser. Giving Al Gore free airtime as if there isn't another side to the controversial issue he has made all his own. Is he too grand for a debate? Is NBC helping his presidential dreams?

That's My Word.

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