Sunglasses For Your Face

Are your shades out of sight ... or are they the wrong shape for your face? Not all sunglasses work for all people.
Sunglass guru Carol Norbeck from Silhouette Sunglasses gave us her expert advice on how to choose the right shades to flatter your face.

Hip to be Square

If you have a strong jaw line, broad forehead, and wide chin and cheekbones, you have a square shaped face. Like Renee Zellweger, Minnie Driver and Jada Pinkett Smith, your face's width and length have the same proportions and are equal.

Expert Advice:
You want to buy frames that will make your face appear longer. Gently curved, narrow styles will minimize squareness and add length. You also want to try frames whose shapes are more horizontal than vertical.

Style Guide Pick:
Anarchy Kronos Sunglasses $65

Rightly Rectangular

If your face is rectangular or oblong like Gwyneth Paltrow's and Sarah Jessica Parker's, it's longer than it is wide and close to the same width across the forehead, jaw line, and cheekbones. The tips below are right for you!

Expert Advice:
An oblong face needs a frame that is deeper than it is wide to create the illusion of a shorter face. Frames should have top-to-bottom depth and should soften the face. Try round or low-triangle shapes, or frames with strong vertical lines.

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Loving Face

Kate Hudson and Victoria Beckham are all heart when it comes to the shape of their faces. If you have a heart shaped face, your forehead is wide, cheekbones are high and your face narrows gradually to the chin.

Expert Advice:
Your frames should add width below your eye line to offset your narrow chin. Very light colors and rimless styles can help achieve this effect. Also try frames that are wider and squared at the bottom. Aviators are a great selection.

Style Guide Pick:
Rayban Aviator Sunglasses $119

Oval Shaped Please

Because of its mostly balanced proportions, the oval face is considered to be the ideal face shape. Like Keira Knightley and Ashley Judd, your chin is slightly narrower than your forehead, and your cheekbones are high.

Expert Advice:
Your frames should maintain the oval's natural balance and the proportion of your face. Do follow your brow line and don't let eyewear create a new expression. Try square-shaped frames with slightly rounded edges.

Style Guide Pick:
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Apple Of Your Eye

A round face is just that — full, with few angles. Like Christina Ricci, Stella McCartney and Kirsten Dunst, your face's width and length are equal.

Expert Advice:
Your frames should be slightly angular and narrow to lengthen your face. Avoid excessively rounded styles, which will exaggerate curves.

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