Welcome to 'FOX & Friends,' Kotter

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Gabe Kaplan — star of my favorite TV series as a kid, "Welcome Back, Kotter" — was a guest and our special guest today. His appearance and the study that showed toddlers lie were what I will remember about this Tuesday.

On the terror hunt, finding out the would-be bombers in England and Scotland were doctors was beyond stunning. We're reminded how all attacks impact us and can't help but wonder when terrorists will take another crack at our nation. Seeing bomb-sniffing dogs in front of our building reminded us how ripe a target we are as New Yorkers.

Perhaps the biggest story of the day was the "Scooter" Libby commutation. Some of you were mad the president did it and others mad he didn't go all the way and pardon him.

The other underplayed story today — which means a lot in 2008 — is the wallowing campaign of Senator John McCain. When you are trailing by double digits, have $2 million left in the bank and have to fire 75 people, you are in trouble and McCain has to do all that and more. The McCain camp seems to be blaming the candidate, which means he needs a new team!

Special thanks to all those who came out and saw me at the bookstores and on the bases to buy my new book called, "It's How You Play the Game." I loved talking to all of you, especially at my last two stops in Nashville and Georgia at Fort Benning.

If I did not get to you or your city, please just go to www.briankilmeade.com , click on the book, follow the instructions and I will personalize one for you.

Finally, my two cents about the Fourth: At some point, think of the troops, salute their families and know that we have the best, most professional fighting force in our history and they are making a major difference in Iraq, Afghanistan and everywhere else.


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