Son: Missing Florida Woman's Camera Could Provide Clues to Her Whereabouts

The son of missing Florida woman said his mother had just returned from a business trip to the Bahamas with his father and had a camera with her that could provide important clues in the case.

Travis Fast told that Susan Fast had flown back to Florida a day earlier than her husband, Bruce. Travis Fast said he hopes someone can locate the camera's memory card, which may help in the search for his mother.

“She was carrying a camera that has photos of her and my dad,” Travis Fast said. “Hopefully, we can trace back that information ... We’re trying to get as many clues as we can.”

Susan’s stepson, Thomas Fast, is considered a person of interest in the case. He was arrested recently on a concealed weapons charge, but on Sunday, his bail was raised to $100,000 My FOX Tampa Bay reported.

Sgt. Pete Rampone of the Manatee County Sheriff's Office told on Tuesday that Thomas Fast has a similar charge pending in North Carolina and has a trial scheduled in Raleigh in two weeks.

Travis Fast, who lives outside of Florida, said he last talked to his mother the morning of the day she went missing, Friday, June 29, but could not comment on any information regarding the investigation. He also said the purse she had with her was still missing.

Travis Fast would not comment on reports that the family had a strained a relationship with Thomas Fast.

At Thomas Fast's bail hearing Sunday, a detective said more than a dozen spots of blood were found in the home of Susan and Bruce Fast and a set of steak knives were found clean in the dishwasher. Bruce Fast said his wife normally didn't wash the knives in the dishwasher, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported. Also, two rugs were recently washed and a fresh cut was on Thomas Fast's elbow, the paper reported.

Rampone said after Susan Fast flew in from the Bahamas on Friday, she went to a construction site in Sarasota to take care of some payroll issues.

Detectives later found her Lexus SUV about 10 miles away from her home with keys still in the ignition and a missing tag. Rampone said officials do know a specific time when they believe her car arrived at the location and they have collected evidence from the vehicle.

"We're still interviewing people in the area," he told

Travis Fast said that while the investigation is now in its fourth day, the family still has hope of finding his mother.

“My concern is finding my mom,” he told “I need people to find things.”