Yankees Star Alex Rodriguez' Wife Wears Obscene T-Shirt to Game

Oh, no, she didn't!

Yankee superstar Alex Rodriguez's long-suffering wife, Cynthia Rodriguez , may have finally flipped her pretty lid Sunday when she went to a game in The Bronx wearing a tight-fitting, white tank top bearing a foul message on the back: "F--- you."

The obscene phrase was plainly visible to thousands of fans -- including plenty of kids -- as she, her 2-year-old daughter, Natasha, and an older woman took their seats in the players' family section of the House that Ruth Built.

"[One] father, was so embarrassed, he got up and left and took his son," who appeared to be about 10 years old, a fan said.

"I mean this kid was right in back of Cynthia -- his nose must have been about 4 inches away from the words 'F--- you.' "

Cynthia's F-word faux pas also may have violated Yankee Stadium policy.

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