Makeup Artist Files Sexual Harassment Suit Against 'Cold Pizza' Hosts

Things could get sizzling hot for the hosts of ESPN's former morning show "Cold Pizza" — a makeup artist has accused them of getting too saucy on the set.

Rita Ragone says anchor Jay Crawford and commentator Woody Paige groped the show's staff, demanded lap dances as perks of the job and repeatedly propositioned her for sex, according to a shocking sexual-harassment suit filed Thursday in Manhattan federal court.

Ragone — a Bronx makeup artist to the stars who counts Angelina Jolie, Sharon Stone and Susan Sarandon among her clients — claims complaints were discouraged by supervisors, who told her to "stop rocking the boat" and ultimately fired her.

The lawsuit accuses Paige of grabbing Ragone's butt at least three times — in one case so hard that the makeup artist went airborne.

"Paige grabbed her butt so forcefully, Ragone, quite startled, was propelled forward and into the air," says the suit, which also accuses Paige of repeatedly rubbing the makeup artist's back and thighs and stroking her hair.

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