How Much News Do You Know?

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Question 1: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez warned that a guerrilla-style war against the U.S. could be in the future. Which of the following was not listed by Chavez as a reason for war against the U.S.?

A.The U.S. is using psychological and economic warfare to derail the Venezuelan government
B. Chavez fears the U.S. could invade Venezuela to seize their immense oil reserves
C. The U.S. is imposing its view of freedom of the press on Venezuela since Chavez’s decision to close RCTV
D. Chavez fears the U.S. is attempting to divide Venezuelan society

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Question 2: A 13-year-old Kentucky girl had her feet severed above the ankle last Thursday after a cable on the on Six Flag’s Superman Tower of Power snapped. How has Six Flags responded to the incident?

A. Six Flags has shut down nine thrill rides similar to the Superman Tower of Power
B. Six Flags has launch a new public relations campaign in hopes that the press won’t cause a sales slump
C. Six Flags inspected and repaired the Superman Tower of Power and reopened it to the public
D. Six Flags replaced the cables in all its drop tower rides

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Question 3: After the dry cleaners lost his pants a man sued the owners for $54 million, saying that they allegedly violated the Consumer Protection Act. A judge ruled Monday in the case. How did the judge rule?

A. The judge ordered the dry cleaners to pay the defendant $54 million
B. The judge rules that the dry cleaners did not violate the Consumer Protection Act
C. The judge ordered the prosecution to pay the court costs of the defendants .
D. Both B and C

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Question 4: Takeru “Tsunami” Kobayashi who earned his claim to fame by setting a world record by consuming dozens of hot dogs in minutes has been diagnosed with jaw arthritis. What was the cause of his injury?

A. He over trained for competitive eating
B. He was hit in the mouth during a fight
C. He was in a car accident
D. He fell down the stairs

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Question 5: Carlo Ventre, a 59-year-old Italian man accused of killing his girlfriend testified for the first time Monday and shocked the court. What happened when Ventre took the stand?

A. He confessed to murdering his girlfriend
B. He had a heart attack and died
C. He attacked the judge
D. He shot himself

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Question 6: Professional wrestler Chris Benoit, his wife and their 7-year-old son were found dead Monday. What do authorities believe happened to Benoit and his family?

A. Authorities suspect that a man who has been stalking Benoit may have murdered the family
B. Authorities believe Benoit killed his wife and son before taking his own life
C. Authorities currently have no leads in the investigation
D. Authorities suspect a the family was killed by a rival wrestler of Benoit

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Question 7: A German Defense Ministry Spokesperson told Reuters Monday that filmmakers would not be allowed to film for the upcoming movie “Valkyrie” at German military locations if the part of Col. Claus von Staffenberg is to be played by Tom Cruise. Why doesn’t the German Defense Ministry want Tom Cruise to star in the World War II flick?

A. After the poor box office showing for Mission Impossible III the German Defense Ministry fear that Tom Cruise will not draw the large audience they hope for
B. The German Defense Ministry wants a German actor to play the part of Col. Claus von Staffenberg
C. The German press fears Tom Cruise might jump on their couches during the film’s press junket
D. The German Defense Ministry said Cruise represents Scientology which German authorities recognize as a cult rather than a religion

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Question 8: Tony Blair resigned as Britain’s prime minister Wednesday after serving for a decade. What does Blair plan to do now that he is out of office?

A. Blair plans to take a post with the Quartet of Mideast peace mediators
B. Blair expressed interest in pursuing other political positions
C. Blair said he has no career plans at the moment and is just looking forward to spending some time on the golf course
D. Blair is seeking a position with the United Nations

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Question 9: What celebrity posted a video and photo of her daughter sporting guerrilla-warfare garb on her website Tuesday?

A. Britney Spears
B. Angelina Jolie
C. Katie Holmes
D. Rosie O’Donnell

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Question 10: Researchers are heading to Michigan next month in search of evidence of what mythical creature?

A. Bigfoot
B. Loch Ness Monster
C. Griffin
D. Hippocamp

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BONUS Question: FNC update anchor Harris Faulkner sat down with Martha this week and talked about the man who stalked her and how she coped with the fear of that situation. How long was she stalked for?

A. 1 Year
B. 2½ Years
C. 6 Months
D. 4 Years

Listen to Harris tell her story in this web exclusive video.

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