Friday Finals: Week's Winners and Losers

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It's the Friday Finals, the winners and losers of the week and the reasons why. The winners are first.

I give Paris Hilton a win. Walking out of jail she finally appeared to be more than a vapid aimless heiress. And next to Larry King, of course, she appeared to be a Mensa member.

Larry Birkhead was on this show earlier this week. He's a winner week after week. He got the baby and that's all he wanted. After all, he is the father. Hats off to Larry.

Steve Jobs is an obvious winner. Can anybody hype a product like him? This iPhone thing is supposed to make us all drop our cell phones down the sewer grate. We shall see about the phone, but Jobs is a winner for sure.

Our own Laura Ingle, mugged while doing an interview. She not only got her microphone back from a cheeky FOX basher, but she went right on with her live report. A "Croix de Gibson" to Laura.

Our last winner is Tony Blair. He's out of Number 10 and it must be a huge relief. After all, today's bomb plot has to be seen as a goodbye Tony gesture. So Blair must be relieved.

Now the losers, and the reasons why.

Ted Kennedy and George W. Bush. Man, that immigration deal was a lay-up for the Dems and Bush and somehow or other they managed to lose it big. Why? Why did 15 Dems bail on their own plan? Their votes would have won it.

Myisha Ferrell. Man, when she got that call from Bobby Cutts asking her to help him clean up a mess she should have hung up. Instead she lent him a hand and now she's in the can.

Larry King. Oh my god. He asks George Harrison a question when Ringo is sitting in front of him. Acts like Mr. Magoo talking to Paris Hilton. Do I hear the dog track calling?

Big loser: the WWE. Now the dirty secret is out. It's beat 'em up in the ring and beat 'em up back home. And be sure to take your steroids, dear. It's the only way to stay in the game.

And the last big loser is Rosie O'Donnell. Her fans bashed her for putting little Vivi's pic on the net with those bullets. Rosie thought she was adored whatever she did. Turns out not so much.

That's My Word.

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