July 1, 2007

Our guests this week include:
Michael Chertoff , Secretary of Homeland Security
Mike Gallagher , Conservative Radio Talk Show Host

Mark Green , President of Air America

British authorities foil a London terror attack — we will discuss the latest findings from the investigation with Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. Also, the Senate delivers a final blow to comprehensive reform advocates this week and kills the president's immigration bill. What will President Bush do next after arguing for months that the proposed law had the necessary tools to secure the border? Will the White House seek to better enforce current laws or push for more border security measures like the ones conservative critics are asking for? For answers, we will turn to Secretary Chertoff.

Then, a debate over how much control the government should have over the airwaves. A recent study finding that 90 percent of talk radio is conservative has some liberals in an uproar — and some Democrats are suggesting that the government needs to reinstitute the “fairness doctrine” and legislate equal time for left and right. Meanwhile, radio networks and conservatives are arguing that they are merely responding to the demands of listeners and the market. Conservative talk show host Mike Gallagher and president of the liberal channel, Air America, Mark Green, will duke it out.

Our panel will then discuss this week's Supreme Court rulings and their impact on the nation. Is President Bush seeing the fruits of his conservative appointments? Joining us will be our Sunday gang:

Brit Hume of FOX News
Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard
Juan Williams of National Public Radio
Mara Liasson of National Public Radio

Plus, our power player of the week is an important conservative voice trying to push lawmakers to put more money back in your pockets. We will feature, Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform.

Check your local listings and we'll see you on the next FOX News Sunday,

Chris Wallace