The Media's Obsession With JFK

What is it about the media and JFK? Nearly 44 years after his death, he lives.

This week, again, on the cover of Time magazine, no less. The story? "What We Can Learn From JFK."

Look, I'm not here to judge the Kennedy presidency, just that it's over. Camelot is gone. Move on.

Yet almost every Democrat who has run for president insists he — or she — will be just like JFK "as" president.

Gary Hart even used to run around with his hands in his suit jacket, just like Jack.

Mike Dukakis insisted his would be a presidency that would share Jack's vigor and John Kerry would share Jack's measured negotiating style.

And don't get me started on the media.

To them, JFK's like Jesus in pinstripes — an enduring beacon on how you handle thorny issues like religion and civil rights, while always maintaining an impeccable fashion sense!.

Please. I beg you, stop. Move on. Get over it.

Look, I'm not saying we can't learn from former leaders. But it seems we're disproportionately favoring this one.

Why not talk about FDR's resolve or Dwight Eisenhower's steadiness or Harry Truman's guts?

Are they not hot because, well, they're not hot?

What if JFK were fat, or bald, or fat and bald? And today… alive?

What then?

It just seems odd that Democrats, and some in the media who rip Republicans for being stuck in their ways, can't get unstuck from this guy.

Sadly, Jack's moved on. Have they?

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