GRRR! Free Paris Hilton From Her Parents

As Paris Hilton contemplates what she will do with her newfound freedom after spending just over three weeks in the pokey, her parents are out negotiating interviews and planning parties for their privileged little darling.

And therein lies what is wrong with Ms. Hilton.

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Just when the public was beginning to take her side, even a little, dad Rick goes and reportedly holds out on "close family friend" Barbara Walters, telling her that ABC's $100,000 offer wasn't even "in the same galaxy" as NBC's reported $1 million for his daughter's first post-clink interview.

NBC now says it never made such an offer, and after going back to Babs with his tail between his legs, Rick Hilton was rebuffed by a "20/20" producer. Paris Hilton will now appear on "Larry King Live."

Couple dad Rick's greed with mom Kathy Hilton's mockery of the court when she asked the judge for his autograph after he sentenced Paris to jail time, and it's easy to see how someone who has lived such a privileged life can take so much for granted.

Yes, Paris is an adult, but aren't we all heavily influenced by what our parents think of us, all of our lives?

And if mommy and daddy think she can do no wrong — that all of their little darling's problems are someone else's fault (like the D.A., the judge, the media) -- then it's safe to assume that Paris also thinks everything she does is someone else's fault.

I feel sorry for Paris Hilton.

Even if she does want to change the way she acts, the main thing she has to do is admit that what she did was wrong, and it appears that her parents will never let her do that. They want her to be a martyr here, and that will only serve to disserve Hilton.

Here is my advice to Paris after she gets out of prison:

— Go ahead and have a party, but do something positive with it.

Rumors are the heirhead is headed to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas to party at PURE. That's fine, but she should invite all of the people who sent her letters of support, her MySpace friends who started an online petition for her freedom and even some of her new friends from jail, like guards who treated her nicely, or the cook who slipped an extra slice of bacon on her breakfast tray.

She should also try to avoid the Nicole Richies of the world. These people are only using her for some free publicity.

— Do not do any interviews.

I know that CNN is promoting Larry King's scheduled chatfest with Hilton, but my advice to Paris would be "don't do it."

Stay away.

Paris cannot claim to be a changed person after jail and then do something that not too many ex-inmates get to do — which is to go on national television.

She needs to disappear for a while, take a Hilton vacation at one of the family resorts in the South of France or in the Caribbean or something like that. Her soul will appreciate it. Her neighbors will appreciate it.

PS: Paris, while you're there, take notes on what to upgrade at the property — put your sense of entitlement to good use so Hilton Hotel customers get something out of this too.

— Elliot Mintz

Paris should also take a long meeting with her public relations maven, Elliot Mintz, who stood by her side and spoke highly of his convicted client, even as she fired him for his role in giving her poor instructions which she said led to her driving on a suspended license.

Mintz not only earned back his job (Paris' camp wisely rehired him), but he should have earned her undying respect by now, too.

Perhaps it's time to listen to his plan for getting the right kind of publicity (i.e. none).

There used to be a saying among the well-to-do...

"The only time one's name should ever appear in the papers is in an obituary column." It's time the scions of America pay heed to the wisdom of their elders.

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