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Carly Simon: Singer, Songwriter, Survivor

With a career spanning nearly four decades, Carly Simon's music and passion for life continues to captivate fans across the globe. Simon's career began in the 60s, when she and her sister Lucy performed folk music in the coffee houses of New York City's Greenwich Village. In the 70s, she married legendary singer/songwriter James Taylor and soon became the most famous rock 'n' roll couple of the time.

Throughout her career, Carly has written and recorded love song after love song, amounting to over 20 albums. Her most famous song, "You're So Vain," remains one of the most talked-about songs of all time. To this day, fans still speculate who Carly is referring to — could it be James Taylor, Warren Beatty, Cat Stevens, or Mick Jagger?

In this episode of Secrets of Success, Carly gives some us some hints as to who the song's intended recipient may be!

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Doro Bush Koch: Former First Kid, Author

Living in the presidential shadows was certainly interesting for Doro Bush Koch, the youngest of George Herbert Walker Bush's (Bush 41) brood. Koch shares some of her experiences in the book, "My President and My Father" and in this Secrets of Success special, she reveals a side to her father most Americans have not known.

Koch says that it was her grandmother who taught her dad the little lessons in life: "Be kind to others, lift someone up when they're down and also don't brag about yourself." She also thinks that this advice has a lot to do with why her father hasn't written his own memoirs.

Koch says her dad's Secrets of Success were also learned from his father, Senator Prescott Bush. At a book signing near his home in Kennebunkport, Maine, Bush 41 answered the audience's inquiries about his father, and described the former senator as "a great big, strong guy, six foot four and very successful in business, and then he went into politics, and he had respect from those that he beat in politics and those that were at his side in politics. So I watched, watched him, watched what he did."

Henry Orenstein: From "Transformers"
to Poker on TV

Not everyone can say they've made millions — but Henry Orenstein, a high stakes poker player and entrepreneur, talks about the cards he was dealt in life, and how's he's remained on the top, in this Sunday's Secrets of Success.

Among Orenstein's biggest "I thought it was our last chance to delay being executed and I registered us as scientists. We had different SS men going by, nobody bothered to ask us exactly what we were doing. If they did, they would really know that the whole thing was just a farce."

Most recently, Orenstein's success can be seen on television. He took poker, an old card game, and made it one of the hottest programs on television, because of his patented idea for revealing a player's hidden "hole cards." George Greenberg of FOX Sports Net says, "Henry's the kind of guy that when he looks at anything he goes: how can I make it better. Henry's invention essentially opened up the field of poker."

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Valerie Harper: Secrets to Being an Award Winning Actress

Valerie Harper achieved major stardom as Rhoda Morgenstern, the outspoken, weight conscious, and best friend to Mary Richards on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." But, Harper said that the road to success could be difficult. "Boy Val, you are gonna be a tough sell" is what one agent told her. The agent's comment never stopped Valerie, and her list of credits includes the big screen and the stage.

Harper's success opposite Mary Tyler Moore paved the way for her own television show "Rhoda," an MTM spin-off. Her latest project is staring as Golda Meir in "Golda's Balcony" — a feature film that will premiere in theaters in August — about Israel's legendary prime minister. "Golda's Balcony" is based on the national play she toured with, where she earned glowing accolades.

On Sunday, Valerie will reveal the morals she's lived by — the underlining things that contributed to her Secrets of Success, such as "Your failures are real valuable," "Find the joy in life, there's plenty of it," "Get off the couch, be the participant instead of the observer," and "If you can find a way to make a contribution that will really enrich your life."

Rob Popeil: A Life of One-Liners

Ron Popeil's name may not sound familiar at first — but, little to most people's knowledge, he is forever ingrained in American pop culture as being one of the most famous TV pitchmen of all time.

Without Ron, you may not have heard famous late-night TV commercials for the "Pocket Fisherman" a "Veg-O-Matic" a "Smokeless Ash Tray," and, his coined line "But wait there's more!"… the "Spray on Toupee".

Bob Bowersox, a program host on QVC for 20 years, says Popeil is "one of the definitions in Webster's … when you look up success you see his picture." That's because Popeil does it all. He comes up with the concept; he manufactures the item; and then sells it … himself. Popeil tells us one of his Secrets of Success is, "Before I create a product, all my marketing is done."

"Set it and forget it" is a slogan Ron Popeil uses to sell Rotisserie Ovens. Popeil tells us," I saw it at supermarkets, people were buying rotisserie chickens like they were going out of style. The next thing I did was research to find out what kind of rotisseries are on the market place." To date, Popeil has sold eight million of them.

And, as Popeil says, "But wait, there's more!" Tune in to this FOX News Channel special and find out many more Secrets of Success from Ron Popeil and our other guests.