Secrets to Success: Uma Visits Carly Simon!

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Carly Simon is a music icon whose life has been filled with an abundance of success and sobering challenges — and is living proof that a female recording artist can be smart, sexy and sincere at the same time.

Carly shot to prominence in the early 70s with big hits such as "That's the Way I Always Heard it Should Be" and "Anticipation." Many of her songs crossed over from the radio waves to the big screen; "Nobody Does it Better" became the popular theme song to the James Bond flick, "The Spy Who Loved Me" and during the late 80s, she contributed to the soundtracks for "Heartburn" and "Working Girl."

Her song with the most notoriety remains to be her 1973 hit, "You're so Vain" — and Carly has held onto the secret of who the song is about for over three decades.

Spending time with Carly was just delightful. I got the chance to meet with Carly in her home, to do an interview that you can see in this weekend's FOX News Special, "Secrets of Success." When we walked around her home of more than 35 years on the Massachusetts island, Martha's Vineyard, you get the sense that this is indeed a sanctuary for a very private woman who rarely gives on camera interviews. Inside her home there are framed pictures of family, including one with her dad and the incomparable George Gershwin, a close friend of her parents.

At home, she is at ease in a lovely country cottage setting, with rustic antiques and charming New England memorabilia that complement the landscape. She tells me that loves collecting unusual arts and crafts and placing them throughout her home, that she likens to Scarlett O Hara's "Tara." She says, like Scarlett, she feels wedded to this land and its beauty. She spends a great of time making sure her flowers and trees are in their full splendor in the summer. It's an unpretentious home that exudes a feeling of warm and serenity.

It is on Martha's Vineyard where she gets her inspiration and finds strength. Her children also live in separate homes on the property, and this was the scene of happy loving memories when she and James Taylor lived together. She was very open to sharing her love of family and why she finds writing and singing wonderful songs gives her a chance to express her deep passion for music. Carly was very much at ease with the cameras following her around, and even decided to give me a tour of a new addition to her home — a fabulous gourmet kitchen where she plans to spend lots of time indulging in exotic recipes. She loves to cook ... and wants this kitchen to blend in to the natural setting of beauty that surrounds us. Her hope is to have the addition finished before summer's end.

Carly grew up with music as part of a beautiful tapestry to her life as a young girl. Her mother was a wonderful singer, and her father, Richard Simon (the co-founder of the Simon and Schuster publishing empire) was a wonderful pianist. She tells me that she went to musicals all the time on Broadway, and that it wasn't unusal for legends Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein to drop by for a visit. "It's in my genes," when she fondly remembers her musical roots.

In so many ways, she represents a generation that helped define a unique period during the heady days of America's early rock 'n roll era. She isn't one to wistfully look back to when she and her pals, such as Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, Paul Simon, Michael McDonald, and others that ruled the stage in the 70s and 80s. Instead, she keeps the focus on finding ways to move forward creating music that touches the heart and soul, like her most recent album, "Into White." She says she's always interested in exploring new terrorities; she's not satisfied with writing the same song that reflects a mood that she's already written.

Although many would like to call her a "confessional" singer/songwriter, she prefers to embrace her lyrics as semi-autobiographical. She is one of the few pop stars who can say that she's won an Oscar, a Grammy and a Golden Globe, with songs that have chronicled the ups and downs of her life — from her marriage and subsequent divorce to pop legend James Taylor, to the birth of her two children, Sally and Ben, who she says are the heart and soul of her life. Yet, for all the triumphs and accolades, she has also confronted the daunting challenges of breast cancer and depression. Carly's inspirational response to her very private battles has shown her public that she is indeed a woman of courage.

She tells me that the songs she writes come from so many places; largely from problems that she's trying to solve. If she's having emotional problems, such as a crisis of the heart, it motivates her to try to figure out how she can get that into a lyric or melody. I found it very interesting that in her new album, she records a song written by her ex, James Taylor. When asked why, she simply and happily says that he's the greatest songwriter that she knows and that they still maintain a good relationship. Her new album takes her back to her roots with American folk music, and it was recorded on Martha's Vineyard.

When she talks about the passion and thrill of making music, her eyes light up and her face has a child-like quality of wonder and innocence. I have had the pleasure of interviewing many interesting newsmakers and celebrities, but I have to say, Carly is a league all her own. Her warm and open personality added so much to the interview. She is an American original who will no doubt continue to find inspiration from life's amazing journeys — and her fans will no doubt continue to be inspired by the magic of her voice and the spirit of her soul.

I really encourage you to watch our "Secrets of Success" special this Sunday at 4 p.m. You'll see my interview with Carly, as well as interviews with many other icons. Their lives are all inspirational, and their advice for achieving wealth, fame and happiness is something everyone can use.

Click here for a sneak peek of some of the other people we profile in the FOX News special, "Secrets of Success," and to watch a preview clip!

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