Missing Mom Mystery: Scene of the Crime

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Friday night's show is thus far unplanned... so I have no idea if we will stay here in Ohio or go back to Washington, D.C. I will know in an hour. My assumption is that I will stay here in Ohio.

I have posted some pictures today of the home of missing mom Jessie Davis. These pictures were taken yesterday and are similar to ones posted when I visited the scene on Wednesday.

Click here to check out Friday's photo essay

In any investigation, it is always wise to go back several times: You see things you did not see the first time. While I am obviously not investigating the case, I am reporting on it and I learn more (to report) when I return multiple times. I noticed yesterday for the first time some lights on Jesse's garage. The lights may be motion detector... I am not sure. I also don't know if they work and light the area of her driveway. I would have liked to go back late last night — after dark — and check, but work on the show consumed me. Hence I again took pictures, again post them and perhaps you see or think of something you did not when you first looked at the pictures.

We knocked on the door of a neighbor who would talk to us, but not on camera. He and his wife heard nothing the night Jessie vanished, but added that his bedroom is in the back of his house and the air conditioner was running. He often saw Officer Cutts' truck at Jessie's home, but never saw anything unusual.

There is also a picture of Jeff Goldblatt in today's posted pics. It is posted to show you how tight the workspace is in a satellite truck. If you look closely, you can see that he has his printer on his lap. We learn to manage under unusual work conditions.

There is a new video blog posted. We got caught in the rain yesterday as we went from place to place in Ohio while reporting on the story. You can see that we were packed into a car like sardines.

Click here to watch Friday's video blog

We always try and make light of our situation when we travel — we can be short on food and sleep — because we know that we could have it a billion times worse. Imagine having a family member missing — the pain is indescribable and we meet the families. You never get callous — you always feel enormous empathy for the families.

We went to the grocery store where Jessie was at about 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday — the last night her mother talked to her. The grocery story area looked ordinary: big parking lot in a low crime area. It is possible that someone spotted her and followed her home that night, but there is no known evidence of this. I don't think this happened, but it remains important to consider all possibilities.

Today if we stay — and that seems likely — we have a few people we would like to talk to who can give us more information that is helpful to understanding this story.

Do you have a question you'd like answered about the search for Jessie Davis? Send your e-mails to ontherecord@foxnews.com or click here to use uReport to send your videotaped questions.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Tho I'm not a Paris fan, how many times did we hear people say, and write their opinions, what's good for one is good for all? Many people expressed this by using this same statement when Paris was sent to jail. Remember? She's no different from any one else... do the crime, pay the fine. Well, the L.A. prosecutor and his wife are regular people too, and they have made a bad error and used his position as prosecutor as if they had free reign of the law. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. They both should be held accountable as I firmly believe, he knew what she had done and seemingly kept quiet about it. They both need to face the judge.
In reading the comments about the Ohio woman, Jessie Davis who has disappeared, it's been told over and over again these triangles of relationships, but I think the most important thing right now is finding the missing woman and her baby and praying their lives have been spared. We have two human beings whose lives are in jeopardy and need locating promptly, not daggers thrown at them for the mother's lifestyle. I doubt any of us can throw any stones, because at sometime in life, we all make mistakes, even if it's as simple as overeating. For Jessie's sister, they should have someone assigned to the family to keep them abreast of as much of the case as they can without hurting the evidence they have acquired.
Sankie Stallings

E-mail No. 2

This attorney should have kept his mouth shut. The Hiltons have money and influence to spare; whenever this attorney sneezes someone somewhere is going to have it on record. His wife has and is receiving preferential treatment… a nine-year-old warrant! Driving with no insurance! Driving city owned vehicles!
Keep up the good work. My wife and I have been fans of your since the O.J. days!
Jim and Carole Parker
Brandon, FL

E-mail No. 3

Hi Greta,
I can't agree with you more that more needs to be done to keep the families informed in cases like these.
What I'd like to see done is to have an officer assigned to the family immediately in these types of cases. They would just change shifts like the officers do. For a couple of reasons.
Number one it would be a way for the police department to reassure the family that everything that can be done is being done and if anything happens they will be informed right away. The family would be given a special cell phone and the police officer too. That way the family could call and get an update or just talk to someone in authority to reassure them that things are still being done instead of sitting alone in a waiting room like you found Jessie's sister.
Number two and this case is a good example of what I am going to say. Immediately they said that little Blake was able to tell his Grandmother things. Mommy was crying, Mommy broke the table and Mommy in rug. Well lets say for the sake of argument that the Father is not the person who took Jessie out of there in the rug. My concern would be that hearing in the media that Blake is talking, that someone might want to hurt little Blake so he didn't give out anymore information. So this little boy should have police protection. Maybe he has this I don't know but I do think it's a concern. And families do need to be better informed.
Barb Christianson
Grand Junction, CO

E-mail No. 4

What a joke. That guy needs to resign. He thinks the law does not apply to him and his wife.
The best part was when Jim Hammer said it was another opportunity for California bashing and you responded, "You do it to yourselves. We just sit here!" That was good for a hearty laugh.
I hope you can get some footage of little Blake while you are in Ohio. I don't know what happened to Jesse but her son is just adorable.
Stay safe in your travels.
Barbara Clark
The Woodlands, TX

E-mail No. 5

I wholeheartedly agree with you and your comments about the need for better communications between law enforcement and victims’ families. I had a vivid image of Whitney sitting in that waiting room desperately waiting to hear something — anything.
As a university communications instructor and later a business consultant, I can truly say I’ve never encountered a serious problem in business, human relations or other context that didn’t, in some way, stem and grow from poor, absent or inadequate communications. On the opposite side, I’ve never seen a vibrant, healthy human environment (business, family, social or otherwise) that didn’t have at its core a robust and healthy communications structure.
On the L.A. prosecutor and wife, as Gomer Pyle would say, “Shameful, shameful, shameful!”
Yours in HIS Service,
Danny W. Avery, SPHR
Brooksville, MS

E-mail No. 6

First of all, welcome to Ohio. Sorry for the reason for your visit.
The community of North Canton/ Greentown/ Uniontown is a very giving community. I was not surprised when I learned that almost 2,000 volunteers showed up to help with the search for Jesse Davis. That's what people do here in northeastern Ohio. When one person or family from the community needs help, you will find an outpouring of support and care.
You and your staff need to visit the Canton Football Hall of Fame before you leave town.
Beverly Benson
Cuyahoga Falls, OH.

E-mail No. 7 [this next e-mail is about the prosecutor who prosecuted Paris Hilton]

Mark my words: He is the next Mike Nifong. He'll be gone within 90 days.
Nick [Mazzo]

E-mail No. 8

This is a good example of the Hilton money at work. I guess the Paris family is at work getting dirt on Rocky. I guess payback is heck. Surprise, Surprise.
Donna Smail
Melbourne, FL

E-mail No. 9

We have reached the point where we turn off FOX News when you come on the news. You sound more and more like Oprah every day. It is disgusting. We don’t need to hear the “personal interest” stories. We want the facts.
The entire United States is so concerned with the “touchy, feely” side if things that they are not even rational. Grow up, America! And quit acting like a bunch of irresponsible, immature preschoolers!
Mary M. "Midge" Graves

E-mail No. 10

I completely admire you for your focus on the Jessie Davis story and all that you do for the missing people. BUT... but for heaven's sakes Greta, I can't believe you took any time at all to do the story on the city attorney in L.A. The sad thing is that you are doing it because of Paris Hilton and that is just wrong. Paris should be in jail right where she is and Delgadillo was right for insisting she be there. Now if you want to have his wife serve 45 days in jail also then fine, go after her. But to use this little stuff on him to make him look bad is ridiculous. In the big scheme of things, who really, really cares if some of the city employees help him put up a trampoline or baby sat for him on their own time. He says it was on their own personal time and that he has paid them for baby sitting so what is the big deal Greta? All because of Paris Hilton. Please... let's please not forget what all Delgadillo has done for the city in the years he has worked there. Shame on you Greta for even letting this tabloid stuff come out of your mouth.

E-mail No. 11

Please ask the investigators to check Jessie's car and garage. That missing garage opener allowed the kidnapper to open garage and park his vehicle inside garage and knock on back door. Jessie let him in. He backhanded her in bedroom and caused her to fall backwards hitting side of mattress thus causing it to move. Being wrapped in comforter, assailant could then just pull on comforter and transport Jessie to garage. He put her in trunk of her car. He dumped her purse looking for her car keys. He drove her car to dispose of body. Drove back to her garage. Put her car keys somewhere in kitchen and then went out back door, locking it as he went; got into his vehicle and backed from garage and used missing garage opener to close garage. He opened the sliding glass door to throw off investigators.
A. check trunk of her car very carefully. Check position of seat to see if shorter/taller person drove last.
B. check driver's floor mat under magnifying glass
C. move car tires one half revolution and check for debris under tires
D. find out from Jessie's family where she normally kept her car keys. He may not have put them back in correct place because of being in a hurry.
E. Jessie's cell phone is buried with her body
F. If assailant wants to frame boyfriend, he will plant missing garage opener in boyfriend's possession.
I can't sleep for thinking of this. Please Greta get this info to police
E. E. Murphy

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