How Much News Do You Know?

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Question 1: Hillary Clinton has announced her long awaited campaign song. The announcement came after two weeks of submissions from her supporters. What song did Hillary choose for her campaign?

A.‘Beautiful Day’ by U2
B. ‘Stand by Your Man' by Tammy Wynett
C. ‘You and I’ by Celine Dion
D. ‘Get Ready’ by The Temptations

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Question 2: 20 acres of grass near a Reno golf course went up in smoke Monday. Approximately 50 firefighters were brought in to protect nearby homes and battle the flames. How was the fire started?

A. A golfer dropped his cigarette in the dry grass
B. One of the lighting units on the golf course short circuited, setting the grass ablaze
C. A golfer created a spark when his club struck something as he hit his ball out of the rough
D. The cause is still under investigation

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Question 3: The Catholic Church is taking to the streets … and roads. The Vatican issued a set of Ten Commandments for drivers Tuesday instructing them on proper roadway behavior. Which of the following was not one of the Ten Commandments?

A. You shall not kill
B. Obey the speed limit at all times
C. Cars shall not be for you an expression of power and domination, and an occasion of sin.
D. Feel responsible toward others

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Question 4: A year-end prank turned out to be no laughing matter for 19 high school seniors facing felony charges. What did the students do as their prank?

A. They mixed large amounts baking soda and vinegar in the school’s chemistry labs forcing science classes to be canceled.
B. They placed alarm clocks around the school that would all ring at 9:15 a.m.
C. They moved the principal’s car from his parking space to the 50-yard line of the football field
D. They set off fireworks inside the school’s gym

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Question 5: The Norris Hall building of the Virginia Tech campus where a student killed 30 people before taking his own life reopened Monday. Why did Virginia Tech decide to reopen the building?

A. The building contained laboratory equipment that couldn’t be relocated
B. The university’s summer program is overcrowded and they need classroom space
C. The professors needed access to administrative offices
D. The university is converting the building to a library

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Question 6: Two Montana women are collecting Silly String to ship to soldiers serving in Iraq. To date the duo has already sent six cases of the novelty item to the troops. What use does the military have for Silly String?

A. They plan to use the Silly String for a Fourth of July celebration
B. They can use the pressurized cans to make improvised explosive devises
C. They use the oil in Silly String as a lubricant for hinges and bolts on tanks
D. They use the Silly String to detect trip wires

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Question 7: Some of Isaac Newton’s three-century-old manuscripts kept locked up at Israel’s national library since the late 1960s are being made public for the first time. What information is contained in these manuscripts?

A. Newton’s prediction that the world will end after 2060
B. His notes on experiments on gravity… that go way beyond his work with the apple
C. Newton’s calculations on time travel
D. A never before studied theory of parallel universes

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Question 8: A new study reveals an unexpected cause of breast cancer. What did Dr. Jeffery Weitzel of the City of Hope Cancer Center find to be a cause of breast cancer in his study?

A. Air pollution
B. Diets high in potassium
C. Exposure to asbestos
D. Half of genetic breast cancers are inherited from a woman’s father

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Question 9: A computer hacker posted on the web what he claims to be the plot of J.K. Rowling’s final book in the Harry Potter series. What did the hacker claim was going to happen in Rowling’s book “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?”

A. Harry Potter graduates from Hogwarts
B. Two of the main characters die
C. Lord Voldermort dies in a freak accident before Harry can avenge his parent’s deaths
D. Harry develops a romantic relationship with Hermione

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Question 10: Two Long Island residents were slapped with a noise ordinance that was later thrown out because the couple’s two young children were reportedly making too much noise. What were the girls doing that the neighbor found too noisy?

A. They were practicing for a piano recital
B. They were playing in the family’s pool
C. They were playing on a swing set
D. They were playing soccer

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BONUS Question: The American Film Institute on Wednesday released its list of the top 100 movies ever made. What classic flick topped the list?

A. Citizen Kane
B. Rear Window
C. Sunset Boulevard
D. Dr. Strangelove

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