Volunteers Gather in the Desperate Search for Jessie Davis

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Thursday June 21

LAKE TOWNSHIP, Ohio – When Texas Equusearch put out a call for volunteers to help search for missing pregnant mom Jessie Davis, the group expected 150 to 200 people ... approximately 1200-1500 showed up. They came from California, Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

"It's wonderful," Tim Miller, Equusearch's founder told me. "It was a bit overwhelming at first, and it took a bit longer to get control of the crowd, but it's coming together well."

It took nearly three hours to process everyone in line and to organize them. The volunteers were divided into 14 teams of 100, with police officers or firefighters trained in search and rescue operations acting as team leaders.

This huge search team fanned out over an eight to nine square mile area in Lake Township, a community near Davis' home, standing arms length from each other, conducting grid searches of woods and fields — including a Christmas tree farm. They've been told to look for anything out of the ordinary, such as tire tracks, debris piles, articles of clothing that look fresh, buzzards, or foul odors. If they spot something, they've been told to freeze or backtrack, and call in the team leader who will then radio investigators to respond to the scene.

At noon, cadaver dogs hit on a fresh pile of dirt, but Miller downplayed the find.

"We've done 700 searches,” he told me. "It's not the first time they've hit on something that's nothing, and sometimes there's no hit and it's something."

He also told me if they DO find something, police wouldn’t be confirming to Equusearch it's solid evidence. "That's part of the investigation. We're not here to get in the way. We're only here to search. They don't have to tell us why. Just point us to an area and we go."

Miller says they're here for the long haul, and will search as long as they're needed, but hope for the family's sake that Jessie is found soon.

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