Splish, Splash, SHHHH

Ashley and Chloe Poczatek were using their "outdoor voices" in their family pool ... and it seems the neighbors didn't want to hear it.

A petition was circulated in the Poczatek's neighborhood accusing the children of "unbearable screeching and squealing" when they play in their backyard pool. Their parents were later slapped with a pair of noise violations over their daughter's afternoon swim time.

But, on Wednesday night, Village Justice John G. Kennedy disagreed with the neighbors' charges that the parents were responsible for their daughter's noise level; the charges were let go, and declared meritless. READ MORE

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

“I think the problem stems from we as a society not learning to know our neighbors any more (and I'm sometimes as guilty of this as anyone.) Instead of feeling comfortable enough with our neighbors to go over and say, 'Hey! I understand your kids need to blow off a little steam, but they're a little loud,' instead we band the neighborhood together and call the cops! When did that become okay? 'Loud kids' is not a matter for the police. That is a person to person conflict that should be handled person to person. Bring back friendly neighborhoods!” — David (Kenton, OH)

“I can understand a parent punishing a child if that child was driving up the street with the bass blasting and if the kids threw a party and disrupted a neighborhood or the kids were swimming and playing late at night. But two small girls playing in their own backyard in their own swimming pool — no! I read that one homeowner claimed that it was as noisy as a football game when he got home in the afternoons — come on, two girls making that much noise, I don't believe it.” — Kristi

“You have got to be kidding me! I am the parent of three girls, ages 14, 7 and one about to turn 4. They make noise, that's what kids do. I don't allow them out until after 9 in the morning and they are in by dark; if they are outside after dark we are with them and we keep the noise down out of respect for our neighbors. But during normal daylight hours it's a free for all. If the people want quiet they should consider moving to an adult only community, we have them all over down here in Florida!” — Tammy

“We live in an age of selfishness. The neighbors had their childhood — let these children have theirs. The neighbors need to remember that the children are their future leaders, rule makers and caregivers. They will remember how you treated them. Hopefully, they will forget that this issue ever happened.” — K.

“What is one person's screeching is another person's joyful noise of summer.” — R.

“No! What is going on with people?! Are noisy children something new to mankind? Leave them alone and let them play and have a good time. They will be old soon enough and their laughter will be far and in-between. Just because the adults are jealous of these children's fun, there is no sense in squelching theirs! But, there is a balance. Don't aggravate the neighbors too early or too late. Just use common sense for once America!” — J.

“Give me a break. Unless the kids are using megaphones, let kids be kids. We should be thankful that they are outside exercising and not sitting inside in front of a video game about swimming while eating themselves to death in the process. The sound of children outside playing brings back many fond memories of when children were children and parents enjoyed the fact that they were outside ALL day.” — Jason (Rockaway, NJ)

“Yes, parents need to parent and consider that everyone is not going to appreciate or be able to ignore their children's lack of respect for others. If these girls were so loud that the neighbors had to band together the parents surely had to hear them.” — G.

” These old neighbors who complained should pipe down. That's what kids do. They play outside, they may be a little bit loud, but as long as it's not late at night or bright and early in the morning, than these neighbors were out of line. They are out of touch fun killers. If they want peace and quite without the noise of children, then it's time to up and move to a retirement home.” Matt

“I think the parents should be respectful of their neighbors. If several neighbors complained, it is obviously a problem and the kids should be told to quiet down. I saw the video and in my opinion the noise was too loud.” — Myra

“The complaining neighbors should move into a retirement village where they can have their peace and quiet.” — Britton

”Parents teaching there kids that it is ok to scream at them levels is intolerable. I have two girls of my own and I teach them to respect neighbors around. They play in the pool without screaming there lungs out. It may sound petty, but what if a stranger comes in the backyard, would you be able to tell the difference?” — J.

“It is ridiculous! Intolerance for children and their joy speaks volumes about those that complain.” — Andrea (Amarillo, TX)

“Baby boomers are the biggest cry babies in the world. Let the children play.” — B.

“NO — That would be ludicrous! Don't these neighbors have anything more important to complain about?” — P.

“I'd find another place to live. Who would want to live in an area where your neighbors are going to sue you over your kids having good clean fun? I assume it's in the middle of a summer day that this was going on, so who is it bothering? I could see a problem if it the children were older and it was later in the evening.” — Chris (Dallas, TX)

“YES — parents should be held responsible for the children who are out of control and screaming or making too much noise. The problem is usually their parents — DON'T PARENT! We've all seen these kids — in super markets, restaurants, theatres — you name it!” — Ilona (Ringoes, NJ)

“I recently moved because of a noise problem. I had a neighbor with a drag car. Since we were outside the city limits, no noise ordinance was in effect. We couldn't even enjoy being outside. I would definitely agree with punishing the parents of those kids. No one wants to hear excessive noise like that.” — T.