If you're ready for a new bikini and you loved the suits you saw in our videos, then it's time to start shopping! Check out my printable list of this season's must-have suits and you'll look gorgeous lounging around at the pool in no time!

Hippie Prints

Swimsuit styles flashback to the 1960's with go-go prints, hot tops and low slung briefs.

Style Guide favorite:
Michael Kors pink/brown paisley bikini $118
** Available at select Macy's

Black and White Dots and Flowers

Playful polka dots in black and white are this season's cutest addition to your swimsuit wardrobe. And if you're not into "connecting the dots," try something floral or tropical instead.

Style Guide favorites:
Roxy black/white polka dot bikini $76
** Available at select Macy's

BCBG black/white floral bikini $148
** Available at bcbg.com


This summer's sexiest trend is see-through! No, not your suit, but lucite beads are all the rage and the perfect accessory to your swimsuit. Also, try gold buckles and closures to shine at the beach this season.

Hot Kiss black bikini with lucite beads $84
** Available at select Macy's

BCBG turquoise bikini w/gold detail $142
** Available at bcbg.com

Bandeau tops

Say goodbye to tan lines with this season's bandeau bikini! This strapless style is perfect for girls looking to add some curves.

Style Guide favorite:
Raisins turquoise/white bandeau bikini $82
** Available at select Macy's


Can't decide on one piece or two? Split the difference and go with this season's amazing monokini.

Live in Cyn green print monokini $118
** Available at select Macy's

Seafolly red/black/blue/orange print monokini $89
** Available at seafolly.com

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