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I have enjoyed many of your comments on FOX News. Is there a good reason why Muqtada al-Sadr and his army are not targeted by our military? It seems that he has more than declared war on the U.S. I was only a Chaplain in the army, but I think eliminating him would solve a lot of military problems and even political. Why won't our government view this as a religious war? — Dennis (West Chicago, IL)

COL. HUNT: Hey Chaplain, thanks for you service. You guys are worth your weight in C4, so thank you. Our government is afraid to alienate anyone, so they alienate everyone by not calling our attention to the religious aspects of this war. Chaplain, I call our government's actions cowardly … what say you?

I have just read your books and I’m 100 percent in agreement with you. I keep saying that the current generation needs military leadership. Their political mindset is, " I am not responsible for anything that I did or did not do" … that way, they are off the hook. There is no moral responsibility for anything anymore. Not like it was when we were Polar Bears. — CSM William (USA, Ret)

COL. HUNT: CSM, how the hell are you? Thanks for everything you did for soldiers throughout your entire career. You and I witnessed the total lack of accountability of senior officers in all services in case after case after case. Much of the blame for what has gone wrong in both Iraq and Afghanistan lays at the feet of many or our senior military leaders. If you had been a general instead of a great CSM, maybe this would have gone better.

While I respect your views, I find it disheartening that you continue to assail the president and his administration. President Bush is the only leader that has the guts to take on Islamic terrorism with military force while all the other politicians worry about elections and popular opinion. By hurting the president and Republicans with your opinions, you are helping the cause of the Democratic Party. The Dems look like terrorist appeasers, and many of their positions seem to be anti-American and traitorous. Do you really want the Dems in control of all government in the U.S.? They are weak and gutless as evidenced by eight years of Clinton. Dennis

COL. HUNT: Dennis, for me the problems that I talk about are not political, they are due to incompetence, and incompetence knows no political party bounds. I understand that if you are a Bush supporter or a die-hard Republican, my comments may offend. If I am wrong, tell me where — but if it makes you nervous that another party may get power because of the mistakes of the current party, I am not sure how to help you. The current administration and many of the senior generals have let us all down. The ones who have been paying for these mistakes are the 37,000 American servicemen killed or wounded. I do not care who gets elected, I just want someone who can fight like our survival was at stake — which it is.

"Leadership, courage, and risk-taking." What are those three characteristics? It's been so long since I have seen them or heard about them, I can't seem to remember what they mean. — Tom

COL. HUNT: Tom, you have not seen them because they have not been around in years. We have a bunch of coffee slurping, round bottom, non-leading incompetents who show little to nothing about the words “courage” and “risk-taking.” The only way to fix this is for more of us to vote than voted for American Idol.

I love your directness. Do you ever talk with Newt Gingrich, and do you have an opinion on him? — Allen

COL. HUNT: Allen, I have met Mr. Gingrich twice and was not able to get a word in at either encounter. The former Speaker is usually in send mode — his receive button is probably broken. You asked my opinion of him; I think he thinks he is always the smartest person in the room.

As far as Katrina is concerned, Colonel, I think it is the states’ responsibility to ask the federal government to federalize the National Guard. It seems to me the president does not have the power to do it without the governor asking. To give the federal government an F seems a little unfair. I would sure like an answer back. — Robert

COL. HUNT: Robert, I gave an 'F' to the city, state and feds, that all let down their citizens. Please get that these same organizations are responsible for “consequence management” in the event of terrorism attack. Katrina was not a surprise, we watched it for days and those who earned the F you think is so “unfair” still allowed the disaster we all watched on TV to happen.

I agree completely on F's, but do you think al Qaeda will hold off hitting us, not because they can't, but because they don't want an inspired and angry U.S. in the axis of evil? — Roger

COL. HUNT: Roger, al Qaeda took over five years to plan and execute 9/11, the next attack is mostly up to them. Many forget that for all the political rhetoric we hear how much safer we are since 9/11, the enemy always gets a vote.

I watch you regularly on FOX News and I cant help but wonder why you haven't taken a position in the Bush administration. We need a guy like you to fight terrorism, with a “no nonsense” and a “take no prisoner” attitude. (At least that is what I get from watching you so admirably.) Please wake someone up and tell him or her to protect us better. I am no fan at all of Democrats, so please help us all. — Thomas (Island Park, NY)

COL. HUNT: Thomas, no administration would offer me a job; I am not a political insider.

Just wanted to say, "Hi." I was stationed in the Army with you at Ft. Carson when you were the G3 and as an asst. Ops NCO. I worked directly under Major (forgot his name) and Major David Perkins (last I heard O-6). I miss your runs up those cardiac hills, along with severely "disciplining" that LT who tried to sneak around the hill. I don't know if you remember me, I was with the section when we went to Korea for Team Spirit. I was also with the Section when we went to NTC, did most of the driving between NTC and the Daggott airfield, and was the only NCO who went to Ft. Riley to evaluate the 1st I.D. Also I helped you (along with the rest of the Section) move into your home. I have always been proud to have worked for you — one of my best assignments. I'm glad I caught your e-mail on the FOX News Web site, I tell everyone that I worked for you whenever you come on TV. — T. (Pete) Lewis SFC, USA, Ret.

COL. HUNT: Pete, how the hell are you? Of course I remember you, I am very surprised you remember me. Dave Perkins is now a general and led the invasion into Iraq. That was a great G3 section because of guys like you, thank you for your service.

One question, in reference to your June 8 article, "U.S. GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS GET AN F IN DISASTER RELIEF." Have you any effects-based solutions to offer local, state or federal officials, in lieu of piling on the finger-pointer bandwagon? Your bio suggests you might have some utility in security matters. Television has more than enough self-serving talking heads. —Jeffrey (Sumter, SC)

COL. HUNT: Jeffrey, ouch, and “effects-based indeed” was a fair enough hit on the self serving talking heads” guilty as charged. I thought I was offering solutions like scraping DHS, holding leaders accountable, more of us vote, cut the 22 national intelligence agencies to two and so on and so forth. I do a lot of work in the business, all free for Uncle Sam, and I have found the government as impossible to cope with this war. We might need another attack for us to wake up, I hope not, but it might be necessary. Oh, and when it goes this bad in Afghanistan and Iraq, finger pointing is the least we can do.

Do you believe, in your heart of hearts, that if the Patriot Act, along with the NSA, is ever stopped by the Democrats and anti-military crowd that the terrorists will succeed in getting a nuke detonated in our country? I'm very scared and I would like to know your straight-talk opinion. Mike (New York, NY)

COL. HUNT: The Patriot Act needs to be revamped. NSA should be able to tap our phones but after a court order, the FISA courts have such great judges as FOX’s Napolitano who will tell you on average it took 15 minutes to approve and sometimes it was retroactive. We must make the Patriot Act work within our constitution and the NSA, that does not mean weaker and it can mean better.

I enjoy your insight on the Middle East and have a question. When the Iranian president is openly saying that the nuclear program, "too late to stop it now," why aren't we taking action against this? After all, Saddam said he didn't have anything and we attacked their country. Seems like we as a nation need to step it up and take care of business. — Dave, firefighter and former Marine (Fort Huachuca, AZ)

COL. HUNT: Dave, thank you for your service in both the Marines and Firefighters organizations that run into trouble while others run away. We can bomb Iran now and if we hit all the targets which has never happened in the history of war, we would only push back Iran’s nuclear program for about five years. We can cause serious economic harm to Iran right now, but we seem not to have the sand to do so. GE and Haliburton are but two US corporations that are making money in Iran right now, so we have leverage we are not using.

I hear and read a lot of complaining about what we don’t do, and complaining that we don’t get what we need and who is responsible for it. What I don’t HEAR are solutions. Who is going to step up and be General Grant? We know who the Quislings are, but who and where are the Churchills? — Leon (Randolph, NJ)

COL. HUNT: Leon, we have the Grants in our military today but they cannot get promoted in this PC atmosphere. There are some older retired guys who could come back and mentor some of these new guys. However, the real fix is how and why we promote the ones we do today and holding those accountable who screw up in the manner we have been witnessing.

I just read “U.S. Military: Leaders Can't Lead” and could not agree more, but what can an average citizen do? I'm a teacher in Colorado Springs and have many students with parents in harms way and taught children from a family that lost their Dad in Iraq two years ago. Can you, when the time is right, recommend a presidential candidate that agrees with you? Or better yet, run for president yourself. Our country needs a strong leader and I'm very concerned that none exist. Thank you for your service. — Frank (Colorado Springs, CO)

COL. HUNT: Frank, thank you for your service as a teacher, now that is some hard duty. We must have more of us vote for president than vote for American Idol. When you write, e-mail or yell at your political leaders or hold up writing that check for them until they answer you, they will pay attention. We have turned our back on this war and our soldiers, and when we do that piss poor leaders blossom.

Why aren't dogs being used in Iraq to help find roadside bombs? Weren't they used extensively in Vietnam with a lot of success? — Enrique (Edinburg, TX)

COL. HUNT: Enrique, we are using dogs but there is simply more IED than dogs can handle. We are way behind of IED detection and we refuse to do the necessary things to stop them, like deploy counter snipers and curfews and shooting anyone who is out after these curfews.

We always hear of the American military casualties, but we never know how many enemies are paying the price. Are we tracking and killing the enemy, or just trying to make them move around? How big a price does the enemy pay for killing our troops? — Andy (North Augusta, SC)

COL. HUNT: Andy, we are killing bad guys by the hundreds but our politically correct military and government leaders think you cannot stand to be told the truth. However, Andy success in Iraq depends on political and economic solutions. If killing bad guys were the only things necessary to win we would have been out of there four years ago.

I served in your Brigade in Carson. I was promoted to Colonel May 24 of this year, and hung in there, as you know with politics and made it to this point. I really enjoyed working for you as a Commander and never will forget those fun days in the TSB. No questions here. Just wanting to pass on the good news and I totally enjoy your comments and position when on FOX. Keep up the great work, Sir. — Col. Tom

COL. HUNT: Well hell they will make anyone a Colonel! Tom, congrats.


Colonel David Hunt, U.S. Army (Ret.), is a FOX News military analyst and the author of the New York Times bestseller They Just Don’t Get It. He has extensive operational experience in counterterrorism, special operations, and intelligence operations. He has trained the FBI and Special Forces in counterterrorism tactics, served as the security adviser to six different Olympic Games, testified as an expert at many major terrorist trials, and lectured at the CIA, the FBI, and the National Security Agency. You can read his complete bio here.